Sunday, 20 April 2014


I'm so stress. What should I do? I don't think I can take it any longer. I need to go somewhere. I need a long vacation. I need some peace. I need some time. I don't wanna think about anything. I want a blank mind. I don't want to worry about anything!! Stress!!!!

Try to take my place and do my job! Why you guys so difficult to listen to me!? I'm your senior!! You should listen to me and stop complaining! This isn't a fucking school! If you're not going to do work, just fucking resign! I don't care! It's easiest to have less staff than a lot of staff who always complaining!

You guys don't know how hard for me to think what should I do with you! I didn't have enough sleep because I'm fucking planning what job you guys should do! But all you guys do are, complain, complain and fucking complain!

When I was at your position 4 years ago, I fucking standing for a day and I don't complain! It's my job! Now, you guys only standing for few hours and start complain! I've a fat body than you guys But I still can do my job! You guys are still young!!! Don't act like a people who going to die soon!

Boss won't go to scold you guys but he'll come to scold me!!!!!!!! All of you are so fucking idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, 14 April 2014

6 years of love...

April. It's already 6 years. I never expect that I'll love them this long. I've heard many things about them but here I am. Still supporting them. Still stand by their side. Still walk together with them. They're my eternal love. They'll always be. There's no way I'll betray them. I'll stay loyal. I'll grow older as an ELF. I'll always be Super Junior fans.

I had a lot of happy memories with them. Thank you because you've make my dream come true. Thank you because of you, I'll always have friends who will stand by my side. To cherish me. To share a happy memories.

Super Show 2 on 2010.

Mo.A Live at KL on 2011.

Asia Super Showcase on 2012.

Super Show 5 on 2013.

That might be my last one. I don't know. I will never know. But I still hoping that I've a chance to meet you for the 5th times.

Even I might not get a chance to meeting you again, oppa, this year I'm aiming to collect all your albums. I hope this dream will success and come true. I can't meet you But this is the other way to satisfy me.

6 years of happiness... 6 years of sadness... 6 years of painful... 6 years of joyfulness.. 6 years together... 

I'll always be with you. Not for 10 years nor for 100 years. But it's forever. It's eternity...

Once an ELF, forever an ELF.