Wednesday, 31 August 2011

See you again, Heechulie

Last week, most ELF (especially Petals) almost got an heart attack, heartbroken, shocked ‘cause it was announced that Heechul is going to enlist to army this 1st September. And it’s mean, tomorrow. I was shocked too and at 1st, I thought it was a prank or rumour. Unfortunately, it’s true.

I was speechless but then, I think rationally. He’s going for 2 years, only 2 years and after that, he’ll comeback. I just have to wait patiently for his comeback on 2013, just like what I do right now, waiting for Kangin’s comeback who was enlisted to army last year. If I can accept Kangin’s hiatus, why can’t I accept Heechul’s?

I’ve become their ELF, their fan for more than 3 years. When I started to know them, they still have 13 members. In these 3 years, I witness many things, incidents and problems that they faced. I cry, laugh, and cheer for them. I’ll always support and stand by their side.

Instead of we cry ‘cause we feel disappointed since we won’t see Heechul oppa for 2 years, how about we cry ‘cause we feel proud of him? What he has to go through is something that we already know, it’s just that the matter come so sudden. We can’t prevent him from going there ‘cause we all know that we can’t.

If Heechul oppa knows about this, how will he feels? When he’s agree to go there, that’s mean, he already prepare for everything. How does he feel if he knows that his fan won’t let him go? What will he feel if he know that his fan crying ‘cause he’ll go to army and hiatus for 2 years?

That’s why I’m letting him go with a proud. I’m so proud of him. Heechul’s enlistment always reminds me that one day, my biases will also facing the same matter. That time, I’ve to prepare for everything and I’ve to accept everything although it’s hurt.

It’s only 2 years. If we still believe that Super Junior will become 13 again, although it’s going to take 10, 20 or 30 years, why can’t we wait for only 2 years? We’ve to stay stronger for the sake of our oppa!

Heechul oppa, it’s so sudden but I’m willingly letting you go for 2 years. I won’t say goodbye ‘cause I know you’ll make a greatest comeback after 2 years! ^^ Please take care of yourself and I hope, after 2 years, you become better person (I’m not saying that you’re bad! LOL!) than what you’re now. See you again!


Monday, 22 August 2011

My Eunhae’s Shipping Heart is SCREAMING!

After Super Junior’s comeback, 2 weeks ago, there’re many Eunhae’s moments! T^T Buuuhhuuuu!!!! I’m crying in happiness and my Eunhae’s shipping heart can’t stop crying, giggling, squealing and screaming! Eunhyuk and Donghae are perfect together! Buuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhuuuuu!!! This two, such a teaser!!!! Bad guys! T^T

Today gonna be an update ‘bout Eunhae’s moments since 2 weeks ago! Yeeehhhhaaaaa!!!

Let’s start with... Mnet Wide Open Studio Talk. I feel relieve ‘cause after a few years SM artist (including Super Junior) can’t perform on Mnet, they’re finally back to Mnet! Yaaahoooo!!! Ok, back to the video. Of course, it’s Eunhae’s cut. XD

Cr: vixoon3 @yt

Since Eunhyuk lost in the game, he has to sit on a short chair! LMAO! But, *___* He put up the chair and bring it to Donghae’s lap, pretending like he’s going to sit on Hae’s lap! Geez, Lee Hyukjae! Why don’t you just sit on Donghae’s lap! Also, ‘cause he lost the game, he don’t get a microphone but, Donghae gladly let he use his microphone! *scream* When Eunhyuk get to sit on a chair beside Donghae, he suddenly put his chair closer to Donghae! LOL! Since Sungmin sitting to close to him! XP

Eunhae’s moments also happen when... EUNHYUK AND DONGHAE BECOME GUEST MC ON MUSIC CORE FOR 2 CONSERCATIVE WEEKS!!!! *__________*

Cr: LiveSuperJunior @yt

OMG! My heart... T^T They’re mc-ing together! Although Donghae looks kind of awkward (since he’s not use being MC like Eunhyuk) But, I don’t care! They’re so cute!

Cr: LiveSuperJunior @yt

T^T I can’t stop crying in happiness! At the end of the video cut...

Donghae: Be Mine! (while grabbing Eunhyuk’s shirt)
Eunhyuk: Thank you

Why did you say thanks!?? You should say something like, “I do” or “Yes”!!! Oppss sorry, my fangirl mind is working! XD

Eunhae’s moments happen again! This time at Super Junior M fanmeeting at China on August 16! Just watch the video... T^T

Fan leave a message to Donghae, “Donghae oppa, saranghae”. Then, Eunhyuk repeat with HEART SHAPE “Donghae oppa, saranghae” OMMMGGGGGGG!!!!! And f*ck you Lee Donghae! You feel really happy when Eunhyuk said that huhh!? He even ask Eunhyuk to repeat that sentence again! KYYYAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! Actually, there’s more Eunhae’s moments at that fanmeeting but I’m too lazy to search for the video! XD Mianhae~

Also at fanmeeting! XD Donghae is jealous after Eunhyuk and Zhoumi hug each other! He move forward and grab Eunhyuk's collar! LMAO!

That stare! Ohhhh!!! My poor heart can't take it anymore!


Cr: angelS2hatobr @yt

Eunhae plays soccer. XD Donghae who’s already lost at the beginning give a courage to Eunhyuk by... Huhh? Patting his cheeks!!! Sweeeeettttttt!!! Then, Eunhyuk manage to score the goal and he won! OMO! Donghae come to him and give a BIG HUG, almost 10 seconds!!!! OMGGGGGGG!!!! T^T

Eunhyuk's hand on Donghae's thigh! *_____*

Donghae is giving his Eunhyuk some courage! XD

Today on Inkigayo, oh before I forgot! Congratulations Super Junior for your 5th win! Hihihihi! They finally got Mutizen Award on Inkigayo! But, when they’re supposed to be happy, someone looks so down! And it’s Eunhyuk! I heard that his hand is injured and they’re kind of tired ‘cause of their pack schedule. It’s so rare to see a hyper Eunhyuk turn to sad mode. During his speech, he look like he’s trying to hold his tears! T_T What’s wrong?

Cr: CrazyCarrotNew310 @yt

After Inkigayo, they (along with Leeteuk, Shindong, Sungmin and Yesung) go the Dream Team recording. =.= What’re they? A robot? And I read from fanaccount, Donghae’s leg is injure! T^T What’s this!?? After Eunhyuk injured his hand, now Donghae injured his leg? Dear Manager oppa, fucking sending them to the hospital NOW! T^T Hope nothing’s serious! They’re already finish recording and go home. Please take some rest! And I heard that others member injured too. T^T What’re you doing to them SM!!!!!!!

By the way, Eunhyuk look ok on DT recording! We can see that he’s smiling again! T^T

Here, the fanaccount at DT recording today!

[110822 Dream Team recording] Filming continued, Eunhyuk took off his jacket before challenging. As he only took off one of his jacket’s sleeve, Donghae was already behind him to help him carry his jacket… Eunhyuk took his jacket off and gave it to Donghae, Donghae then folded it properly and put on the chair .. [CR:villaBUBU]

[110822 Dream Team recording] Eunhyuk successfully completed his challenge!! His completed it in lightning speed! Leeteuk and Sungmin went and congratulate him, Donghae did not go to him right away due to leg injury. Eunhyuk went back to the site and high fived with Donghae, Donghae touched Eunhyuk’s neck and hugged [CR:villaBUBU]

No matter how happy I’m, I just wanna they get some rest and don’t overwork! All pictures that I share are credit as tagged! XD I don’t own any pictures or videos!

p/s: this is not an Eunhae’s blog! LMAO! Yeah, right! =.=

Monday, 15 August 2011

Bitch is always gonna be BITCH!

1st, I gonna say sorry if you feel uncomfortable with my entry. I just wanna let out what I think. This is my blog, so I can do whatever I want, right? When I open Kpopsecret, I found an annoying so-called secret, which make me mad and angry. I found this...


The reasons i hate this secret:

1. You hate Shindong.
2. You bitch, don't you realize that you just insult fat people?

Fat people disgust me even if they are famous

Surely, I hate you 'cause you hate Shindong. What's wrong with him being an idol? Fat people can be idol? Why? Because he's fat? Idol has to be skinny? Idol has to be perfect huh? I don't know where do you live. But I think you're just jealous 'cause fat people like Shindong is famous and he's well-known all over the world! Hohohoho! You BITCH! Whatever you said, HE'S ALREADY BECOME AN IDOL AND FAMOUS! IT'S TOO LATE, BITCH! YOUR REASON FOR HATING HIM IS NOT RELEVANT! IT'S SO NONSENSE! JUST IMAGINE, IF, ONE DAY YOUR IDOL/BIAS GETTING FAT, IN FACT YOU REALLY LIKE HIM BEFORE, WILL HE DISGUST YOU? WILL YOU HATE HIM? YOU'RE REALLY AN IDIOT!

Well, actually this thing happen to me also. Once when I watch Mr Simple MV with my co-worker, she said she don't like Shindong 'cause he's fat. I'M FUCKING HATING THE WAY SHE INSULT MY IDOL! "Ugh! That's him! I don't like him! He's fat!" LUCKILY YOU'RE MY CO-WORKER AND I STILL HAVE MY PATIENCE THAT TIME, OR ELSE, YOU MIGHT BE ON THE HOSPITAL AT THE MOMENT!


I JUST WISH... ONE DAY YOU'LL BECOME FAT AND LET'S SEE HOW YOU FEEL DISGUST WITH YOURSELF, IDIOT BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

p/s: i can't control myself when people insult fat people... THE END!!!!!

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Mr Simple is not SIMPLE!

Mr Simple MV came out a few days ago! Wooohhhooo!! Although, I’m late, I’m going to spazz ‘bout it now! Aiyaa~ I’m too busy until don’t have time to spam and spazz ‘bout it! Buhhuuuu T^T

What can I say ‘bout Mr Simple? Hmmm... Truthfully, I really like, no no, I FUCKIN’ LOVE THIS SONG! The rhythm, the melody, the lyric, the dance, it’s so.... WEPROTYHJBKLASDKFGFOHPALPSCVKBHGSPODAKPFSP;GBMNLFHDG!!!!! *keyboard smash* Currently, Mr Simple is my favourite Super Junior’s song! I love everything ‘bout this song and MV, no doubt! And I’ve to say, the dance is more powerful than Sorry Sorry. XP Well, it’s just my opinion and I really hope this song will repeat Sorry Sorry success or maybe become more success than Sorry Sorry.

Mr Simple is really catchy, a little bit funky song. It’s like disco song, fast but wonderful to hear. When I 1st time heard it, I already fell for it. LOL! Serious! I can’t sleep if I don’t listen to Mr Simple at least 2 times per day! My workmates also like this song when they 1st heard it. Impact of Mr Simple huhh? XD They even ask me for the MP3 and play Mr Simple during work! Woot!!! Amazing right? And of course, I’m the happiest person on the world! LOL!

What I like ‘bout MR SIMPLE? Person who always have few lines got many lines, person who rarely get lines to sing got lines, person who always rapping not rapping... LOL! What am I talking? I’m happy ‘cause Leeteuk got more lines on Mr Simple! Kekekeke... He even rapping! 0_0 It’s really great! Shindong who rarely got lines, got rap part after Leeteuk. I’m so happy! And instead of rapping, this time Eunhyuk is singing!!!! OMG! Why am I so happy? LMAO! And the way Eunhyuk pronounce “Alright, alright” is freaking adorable! Heechul’s sing ability also improved. Not that he’s not a good singer before, this time, it’s perfect! When I 1st hear it, I almost can’t recognize his voice! ROFL! KRY (Kyuhyun, Ryeowook and Yesung) are perfect as always. My Donghae *get a slaps from Eunhyuk* only got a few lines, ok, I’m not complaining. Hahahaha! Sungmin and Siwon’s voice also great!

And for the MV, it’s really... Ok, let me do keyboard smash again. EPRTYUOJHBVOD9WIURUTJGFKDBNMHYKETWOEIRTJRGDVNBHEWAWALSDFLHHFDCVBJHDFGBBJFGUJGJKIYKJHDDFGFRSFGFH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s not simple at all! ROFL! I’ve to admit that the MV kind of look like Bonamana and Sorry Sorry but who’s care? Are you care? XP Well, although I want the MV be like No Other or It’s You, but it’s impossible right? Kekekeke... *sigh* I wish the MV look like 2PM’s Hands Up. LOL! It’s ok. Everything ‘bout Super Junior, I freakin’ love it! XD It’s enough with the dance and their smokin’ handsome, adorable, gorgeous and fuckable * is that even a word?* face!!!!!!

Lee Donghae, how can you be so freaking fuckin’ adorable and handsome at the same time? You make my heart melt for nth time already! I really really really love Donghae’s look in the MV! His outfit, his appearance, it’s PERFECT! My most favourite part is when he pulls that rope. OMG!!!! It’s so... I can’t describe it with a word! ROFL! He looks innocent but at the same time gorgeous! I love when he pushes his bang till can see his forehead. It’s really cute! Hihihihihi! It’s more cute when he has his blonde hair! *goodbye blonde!hae and say hi, hi to blonde!hyuk* ROFL! Eunhyuk with blonde hair is awesome! Although it’s remind me to G-Dragon on Heartbreaker. LOL! Seriously Eunhyuk, you’ve to keep this blonde hair. He looks really sweet with this hair colour! And the break dance part, it’s great! As expected from our Dancing Machine. And do you notice his claw thingy? Eunhyuk with claw on his finger, Donghae with rope on his neck. *___* EUNHAE, HOW CAN YOU GUYS BE SO KINKY!??? *grins* Sorry, my pervert Eunhae imaginary is working at the moment. XP

Leeteuk oppa, are you really 28 years old? You look so young and I really want to squish you! I’m falling for you again!! XD Ryeoowok, the way that jacket hanging on your shoulder is really sexy!!! XD Why don’t you take off that jacket!!!??? Grrrr! Oh, oh! I’ve to say this, for the 1st time I look at Kyuhyun as the magnae! LOL! He’s the magnae but he never act like one. Ryeowook always look younger than him, but I don’t know why, in Mr Simple, I finally notice and admit that Kyuhyun is forever Super Junior’s magnae! LOL! He really look like younger brother on Mr Simple! XD

I’m so glad that Siwon don’t take off his cloth like what he did for 5th jib photo album! LOL! Or, I might get a nosebleed every times I watch it. Kekekekeke! I can’t see Heechul’s eyes! Grrr!! Why did he have to wear that sunglass? T^T Why did you hide your beautiful eyes? Buhhhuuu T^T On Sungmin’s solo part, he looks so... Scary! LOL! It’s not suit your cute face you know? Am I the only one that think Sungmin is kind of underrated on the MV? Yesung too! I want to see their face more often but their screenshot kind of... Not many as others. It’s really surprise to see Shindong not as one of the main dancers of the MV. Maybe ‘cause he got that rap part? XD Can hear his voice, it’s enough! XD On the dance part, we can see Eunhae and Kyumin. Ships OTP much huhh?

That’s all... Hya~~ Feel so great after talking ‘bout Mr Simple and I can’t wait for the album to reach my house! YAHHOOOOOOOOOO!!! Already order it and waiting for it! Oh, I hope I can get Donghae’s cover album! T^T Please, please, please. I really want it. And not Siwon please! I’m so scare! Hahahahaha! Imagine what will happen if I get Siwon’s cover album and my parents find out ‘bout it? It’s hell! They might think it’s porn DVD or something =.= I hope Mr Simple will success and win a lot of important awards for this year.

Mr Simple is daebak! Super Junior hwaiting!!!

Here, Mr Simple MV. ENJOY!

cr: SMTOWN @ yt
note: Please do not re-upload the video. Watch it via SMTOWN's page to increase the views. ^^

Thursday, 4 August 2011

You won't ever understand...

Sometimes I feel hurt, annoy and angry with some people who never understand my interest to Super Junior. Yes, I LOVE THEM. Satisfy? Stop asking me why I love them, why I care so much about them, why I spend my money on them! YOU GUYS WON’T EVER UNDERSTAND ME!

You’re not satisfies huh? Let me answer all your questions!

Why I love them? I’ve knew them for over 3 years and I’ve to admit that my love and support to them will never fade, instead, it’ll keep going on. Super Junior taught me about a lot of things and most important thing, they taught me about FRIENDSHIP! They taught me about how to support each other. They taught me how interact with my friends all over the world.

Why I care about them when they don’t even know me? Because they’re too precious. I don’t mind and I don’t care if they don’t even know me, and I’m the one that go Gaga over them. For me, for ELF, their happiness is the most important things we’ll like to see. You may think that we’re stupid to laugh, happy and cry with them because you won’t ever understand.

Why I spend my money on them? ‘Cause that make me satisfy besides, I don’t even use your money right? =.= Once my friend asked me, “Why did you’ve to buy their album? Why don’t just download it?” YOU GUYS WON’T EVER UNDERSTAND! I buy their albums to show my support ‘cause I love them, I care for them and I want they to be happy!

Why did I become butthurt when someone bashed my oppa? Then, how about you? What’ll you feel if someone bash people that you like/love? It’s hurt right? That time you’ll have a feeling to protect person that you love right? Same go with me. I may not be beside them, holding their hand to protect them. But, I always have my way.

You guys won’t ever understand, so... Please... I’m begging you... SHUT UP YOUR FUCKIN’ MOUTH! AND STOP ASKING ME WITH THOSE NONSENSE QUESTION! If you can’t understand me and you can’t accept me liking Super Junior, JUST FUCKIN’ SHUT UP YOUR BIG MOUTH!

I adore Super Junior. I love Super Junior. Call me obsess or whatever you want! I know myself. I also know my limit.

Saranghae, SUPER JUNIOR!!! I’ll always be your ELF...