Friday, 17 June 2011

Eunhae? Kihae?

Before you read this entry, I wanna warn you... Uh? What warning? LOL! No offense ‘cause I love them all! Kalau ada yang terasa, I’m so sorry!

Like you know, :P well, I’m Eunhae’s shipper. I love both of this guy a lot! I like their dorkiness, their friendship, everything they do together always attract me! They’re super duper cute and hot together. LOL! Their fan-services always make their fans go gaga over them. Just like me. Sometimes, I’ll giggle or squeal happily when I watch their so-call-fan-service. ROFL!

Lately, I heard a rumour about Kibum’s comeback. Oh gosh! Miss him so much! I hope he really makes a comeback with Super Junior for 5th jib. Then, I also heard about all this whines, complaints, worries among Eunhae’s shippers. *sigh*

“Kibum is coming back. What’ll happen to Eunhae?”

“Sometimes, I wish Kibum won’t coming back ‘cause I’m afraid Eunhae will break up”

=.= What’s all this about? Relax! Kekekeke! We all know that EUNHAE IS REAL, so, Kihae can’t beat Eunhae! *delusional* Lalala... Before Kibum ‘left’ SuJu to focus on his acting career, Kihae was quite popular too. Maybe because Kibum is Donghae’s favourite dongsaeng. :P

Hmmm... But, even before Kibum not active with SuJu’s activity, Eunhae is already popular. So, what’re you guys worry ‘bout? Kihae or Eunhae, they’re still FRIEND and in one group! Please don’t say that you don’t want Kibum to makes a comeback with SuJu! T__T

p/s: Eunhae or Kihae... This is my super secret and I’m going to tell you... I love KiHaeHyuk more! Bwahahaha!

Oh, before I end this entry. When I was doing my work today, I suddenly thought about this... What IF, Donghae didn’t debut as SuJu’s member but TVXQ’s? And what IF Xiah Junsu didn’t debut as TVXQ’s member but SuJu’s? ROFL! This thought make me laugh silently inside my mind.

Donghae as TVXQ’s member? Hmmm... We know that he and Yunho was a good friend when they were still trainers and since both of them came from same hometown, Mokpo. Would Donghae fight with Jaejoong to get Yunho? Bwahahaha! It’s so funny when I think about it! How about Junsu? He and Eunhyuk were best friend and they know each other since they were a kids!

Aigo~ I’m so glad that Donghae debuted as SuJu’s member while Xiah Junsu debuted as TVXQ’s member.... ROFL!

Monday, 13 June 2011

She is...

Who? This entry is special for someone that I’ve known for 4 years. She’s very special to me. She’s my ex-housemate, ex-roommate, ex-classmate for 3 years, but she’ll always be my friend, my best friend, my wifey and my sister forever!

How did I know and meet her? 4 years ago when I was studied at Kolej Negeri. Her bed was on top of my bed. I’m a shy type person. I don’t talk much with people I don’t really know. On 1st night at the dorm, she was talking very loudly to the person across our bed. Wow! And I thought they were best friend, but they just knew each other. *sigh* I hope I can talk like that too but I’m too shy and just heard what they talked about (in Negeri Sembilan dialect! =.=) From that day, 2nd July 2007, I became her friend. When we moved to our rent house, she became my roommate.

We have many similarities. She dragged me into Korean drama/KPOP world while I dragged her to my manga/anime world. ^^ We fell in love with Super Junior at the same time, same day and watching same video. Sometimes, we also like same clothes. Yeah, we even bought same clothes and wear on a same day! We planned it. :P

When we went out, many people thought we were twins! Since we always wear same clothes! ROFL! We always went somewhere together and sometimes, our friend thought we were lesbian. =.= On cyber world, we known as ‘hubby and wifey’. I’m the hubby while she’s wifey. Why? Blame EunHae. LOL! Even her name in my phone is ‘Wifey’. ^^

I felt really happy when I went out with you. To KL, Penang, Seremban or even Tampin. LOL! To shopping, karaoke, watched SS2, everywhere! I feel really comfortable with you.

She always helped me especially... At the kitchen! Muahahaha! I don’t know how to cook, seriously! Hahahaha! But she always helped me, taught me. I feel so happy that time! Suddenly I miss your ‘masak lemak’. Kekekeke... Also, because of you, now I really ketagih to eat ikan keli. :P

When I became one of the MPP candidate and our college set up a camp for MPP candidate, that time, when I told you I’m going there, why did you cry? When I saw you cried, I also cried! LOL! When remember about it, I just realize that it’s kinda embarrassing! At last, I didn’t go and we went to somewhere else, my hometown. ^^

One hour silent treatment was the moment that I would never forget! You just shouted at me and said that I couldn’t talk to you for one hour. I did it. Actually, I didn’t really want to do it. I’m scare when I saw you. It’s looked like you were the one that gave that silent treatment to me! Before one hour, I ended our silent treatment and it’s really funny when I saw at your so-relieve-face after that. I felt relieve too ‘cause finally, you smiled at me. Hihihihi...

Tragedy on semester 1. You couldn’t forget about it right? I know it’s really painful for you. I was really in trouble that time. To choose between two people. My friend that I’ve known for 5 years or my friend that I only known for a month? I choose you. My heart said so. Although that time, we didn’t really know each other, I choose to be beside you. Don’t ask me why ‘cause I also didn’t have the right answer.

I hate when you didn’t smile. I hate when you were sad. Until now, I still couldn’t forgive that stupid guy that disturbed your life on the early morning. LOL! Remember him? The guy that I shouted through your phone. He was annoyed me that time. I shouted at him ‘cause I didn’t like seeing you sad. I didn’t like watching another person hurt you! But, I realize that I’m one of the person that made you sad. On your 21st birthday, ‘cause I wanted to give surprise to you, I didn’t text or call you for 5 days. I’m sorry. I didn’t like seeing you sad but I’m the one that make you sad. I’m so sorry.

Birthday. You were the only one (friend) that always remembered it. ^^ I liked when someone remembered my birthday ‘cause I feel my existence. On my 21st birthday, I heard something that I shouldn’t. “Luckily she reminds us about your birthday”. That phrase broke my heart but I felt really happy ‘cause you still remembered my birthday. ^^

May 2010. We’ve to separate with each other, follow our next step. I know, we both know, how sad we were that time. We tried to act cool but, once I stepped inside the bus, I felt really sad. All 3 years memories came into my mind like a sweet movie but I didn’t really cry ‘cause I knew I would meet you in a month.

June 2010. When I went to take all my things from the house, actually, I felt really scare ‘cause I’m so sure that I would cry in front of you. I acted strong ‘cause I didn’t want to see you cried. After I got inside the car, bid a goodbye, my tears dropped. I couldn’t see you until our graduation day.

October 2010. I kept texting you, asked when would you arrive. I couldn’t wait to meet you again after 4 months. Acted cool again, ‘cause I’m just like that! :P But I really wanted to hug you tight! Muahahaha! I felt really happy when I knew that we were going to stay at the same hotel. That’s why I wanted to meet you that night. I wanted to chat with you until the sunrise! But *pout* our families must be worried about us. That was the last day we met. I felt so sad to separate with you.

Since that day, we only texted or called each other. We were separated by hundreds of kilometres, 4 states, 6 hours journey and luckily in this modern world, we have cell phone and internet. :P

Actually, I always have problem. With my life, with my job. Everything. But when you talked to me, when you messaged me, or chatted with me, all problems gone like a wind. Messaging with you every day, even if it’s just a short sentence was enough to make me happy! How to describe this situation... Hmmm... Have you read this fanfic? Usefully Useless? This fanfic is the exact way to describe it. But... Hey! I’m still your hubby although Eunhyuk’s situation in this fanfic looked exactly the same as me!

It’s really worth to know you. I worth our friendship more than I worth my friendship with my friend that I’ve known for 15 years. Time doesn’t mean anything. It heart matter. ^^ I didn’t really regret entered that college ‘cause of that college, I met you and became your best friend. I may not know you well but I’m willing to know you very well. I believe in friendship, there are sad and happy moment. We couldn’t expect what would happen but we could try our best to protect our friendship.

We went through a lot of trouble, a lot of happiness, a lot of sadness. Eating, talking, sleeping, fangirling, shopping, watching, everthing that I did with you, I really, really, really appreciate it! I can’t... No, I never ever meet someone, a friend, like you. She's really special, too special to me!

You’re my greatest best friend that I ever met, Noor Hidayah binti Ismail! I miss you, I love you! *rains you with a lots of kiss chu~*

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Harta Kesayangan Hamba...

Setiap org mesti ada barang yg dia treasure sgt2 kan? Kekeke... Sama mcm aku... Tak kira mahal ke murah ker, klu brg2 tu blh memberi suatu makna pada kita, mesti kita hargainya... XD

Harta plg mahal aku ada... Hmmm...

My baby! Kekekeke... Thanks to my mum and dad sebab beli kereta ni tahun lepas. Tapi penat gak aku nak bayar bulan2! Nak nangis weh!! Tapi kereta ni byk berjasa kat aku. Aku sayang ko, Kenari!

I'm a fan of gadgets! Kekekeke... Besides from this things, I also have 1 Acer laptop, Nikon camera and PS2! Tapi bukan main sgt pun PS2 tuh! Wat rugi jer beli! =.= Terbang duit aku... XP Handphone Nokia X2-01 tu favorite aku skang! RM330 jer! Hohohoho! Aku sayang handphone sbelum ni, Sony Ercisson Z701i tp dah lingkup! T____T Start Form 4 dah brapa kali aku tukar handphone erk? Nokia 3310, Nokia 2300, Nokia 5200, Nokia... Aku lupa model per... Aku dah pernah try pakai China set punya, model per pun tak tau. Skang dah kasi adik. Skang pakai Nokia X2-01 ngan Samsung GT-1080F. Hanphone murah tapi berkualiti. Teringin nak pakai Blackberry. T____T Tapi budget lari daa... Mixstyle headphone! Kekeke... Salahkan Donghae sbb aku nampak dia pakai benda ni dalam Seoul MV sbb tu aku beli. XP

Ni plak antara koleksi2 'berharga' aku. Muahahahaha!

KOMIK!! Hobi masa lapang aku, baca komik! Kekekeke... Actually dah lama tak beli... Aku tak suka baca novel sbb... Novel tebal sgt... ROFL! Lebih suka baca komik. Sebelum ni aku pernah kumpul majalah Kreko and Arena Komik. Majalah ni kuar 3 and 2 times every month. Diaorang siarkan komik2 famous Japan. Haish... Tapi dah lama aku tinggalkan... From semester 4 dulu... Aku start beli hujung bulan 2004 sampai pertengahan tahun 2009... Lama kan? XP Tapi skang dah tinggalkan sbb mak aku bising! Dia cakap, "Dah besaq pun baca komik lg". LOL! Aku gak ada kumpul DVD/CD anime Japan... Haish... Ni pun dah lama aku tinggalkan... =.= Naruto, Bleach, Black Cat... Favorite tuh dulu... Mak aku slalu bising... Aku ni laki ker perempuan sbenarnya? Tapi sejak kenal Super Junior... Huhuhu... Say goodbye ler to benda2 ni...

Peminat setia Malay EPOP! Ekekekeke... Terkejut gak masa tgk keluaran pertama magazine ni 2 tahun lepas. Aku tau magazine ni Chinese punya tapi x sangka keluar yg Malay version! XD Tapi... Aku terlepas keluaran bulan April and May 2011! T___T Magazine ni laku sgt sampai klu lambat sikit jer, tinggal habuk ler namanya!

Beli mana DVD ni? Dekat Hong Kong... LOL! Hong Kong Video daa... Kebanyakkan beli from HKV tapi ada gak yang aku beli kat kedai lain... Kalau tak silap kat kedai CD kat Petaling Street. Aku pun tak ingat nama kedai tu and tak tau pun klu kedai tu wujud lagi ke tak...

Jgn tak sangka lak... Aku pun fan TVXQ gak... Tapi tak la minat mcm aku minat SuJu... XP Aku dah lupa kat mana aku beli CD ni... =.= Yang aku tau, aku beli kat Seremban... ROFL! Time aku study dulu...

It's time for my SuJu's collection! XD

Photobook! Brapa harga? =.= Aku pun dah tak ingat daa... Beli ni kat kedai MyStar dekat Times Square KL... Kedai plg best skali!!

XD My favorite things! Benda2 byk tinggal kenangan kat aku... Huhuhu... Lighstick, balloon, torchlight kecil tu, semua aku guna time pergi Super Show 2 dulu... Kenangan indah tahun 2010... Haish... T____T Oh, 12plus product tu aku beli kat The Rooms, Queensbay Mall. Mmg kedai favorite aku skarang! Kekekeke.. Walaupun tak byk jual anything related to KPOP, diaorang still jual kan? Susah nak jumpa brg2 ni... Kebykkan kena pergi beli kat MyStar Times Square or order terus dari luar... Hmmm...

Barang paling BERHARGA! Hohohoho! Still dalam proses mengumpul... Ngah kumpul duit nak beli SJM new album ngan 5th jib! LOL! Lambat lg kot nak keluar album tuh... Album yg atas skali tuh (on left), "Super Junior 3rd Album (Sorry Sorry) Asia Special Edition". Aku mmg tak ingat harga dia... ROFL! Klu tak silap aku beli album ni dekat... Dekat mana aku beli? =.= Maybe dekat Popular Jusco Seremban 2... Sbelah dia plak, "Super Junior Super Show 2". Yang ni aku beli kat Speedy Jusco Seremban 2. On right, "Super Junior 4th Album (Bonamana)" Ni import from Korea... Kekekeke... Thanks to kawan aku kat FB tuh. Susah payah dia order album ni byk2. Barisan kedua plak, on left, "Super Junior M 1st Mini Album". Kat mana aku beli erk? *think, think* Dekat MyStar lar! Then, "Super Junior 3rd Album Version C". Ni pun aku tak ingat beli kat mana! =.= Sbelah dia, "Super Junior 3rd Album Version A". LMAO! Brapa byk 3rd album ni? Aku ada Version A, C ngan Special Edition... =.= Cuma takde Version B! Barisan ke3... "Super Junior 2nd Album Repackage". Aku beli ni dekat kedai Victoria Music? Klu tak silap, tu la nama kedai dia... Kat Sungei Wang Plaza... :P Pastu, "Super Junior 3rd Album Repackage". Huhh? Bonamana lagi! Kali ni repackage version plak! Tak ingat beli kat mana... Aku order or beli kat kedai? Ntah... Yang bwh skali belah kiri, "Super Junior T & Moe Yan Rock&Go". Beli kat Speedy Jusco Seremban 2... Last skali, "Super Junior-Happy Mini Album". Yang ni aku beli kat kedai kat Terminal 1, Seremban... Tak ingat nama kedai dia... =.=

Kalau salah 1 album ni hilang... Aku tak tau dah mana nak cari. Memang kat sini ada tapi kebykkan Malaysia Version... Kdg2 ejaan tak betul... Tu yg takut nak beli...

Per lagi erk? Semua ni aku beli pakai duit sendiri, Opps! Kecuali kereta ngan laptop! Hahahaha... Mmg hargai sgt brg2 ni semua sbb susah payah kumpul duit nak beli... Huhuhuhu...

Ni yang last... Aku paling syg~
Hanya 'dia' saja yg tau sebabnya... XP

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Donghae, wae~? T___T

Taiwan, 2 June 2011: A lot of ELF, especially Lee Donghae's fangirl has been admitted to the hospital after they got a nosebleed. Some of them were died due to the lost a lot of blood. This happened because of Lee Donghae, 25 years old, being so hot and damn sexy on Extravaganza Challenge aka Skip Beat filming set. The author aka owner of this blog, also has been admitted to the hospital because she's losing a lot of blood. She couldn't survive and died. Oh wait! So, who wrote this entry? LOL!

Donghae, he's trying to kill his fangirl! It's real story and I'm not kidding you! =_= LEE DONGHAE!!! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE, YOU FUCKING FREAKING HANDSOME BOY???? ROFL! Uh? Why am I having running nose and not a nosebleed? LOL!!! *sigh* IDK what happen to this boy... actually, what happen to me?

How can he turn from this...

or this...

or even this!

to... to.... to THIS!


ALSO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wae Donghae? WAE!!????????????? How could you do this to me!? *frustrated* ROFL! Kya!!! I Really wanna watch this drama so much! Donghae, I'll watch this drama coz of you! Kekekekeke... Oh... Coz of Siwon too! :P I wanna hear you talking in Mandarin with Mokpo accent! Muahahahahahaa!!!

O_O DONGHAE.... TOPLESS.... *dies*

pictures credit to the owner... OMG! you guys r so AWESOME! I wanna stalk Hae like that too!

p/s: is it me... or... Donghae really looks like... Cloud from Final Fantasy? LMAO! Shit! Donghae's image for this drama reminds me to anime character! =.= oh... Forget... This drama is an adaptation from Skip Beat... So, yeah~