Friday, 17 June 2011

Eunhae? Kihae?

Before you read this entry, I wanna warn you... Uh? What warning? LOL! No offense ‘cause I love them all! Kalau ada yang terasa, I’m so sorry!

Like you know, :P well, I’m Eunhae’s shipper. I love both of this guy a lot! I like their dorkiness, their friendship, everything they do together always attract me! They’re super duper cute and hot together. LOL! Their fan-services always make their fans go gaga over them. Just like me. Sometimes, I’ll giggle or squeal happily when I watch their so-call-fan-service. ROFL!

Lately, I heard a rumour about Kibum’s comeback. Oh gosh! Miss him so much! I hope he really makes a comeback with Super Junior for 5th jib. Then, I also heard about all this whines, complaints, worries among Eunhae’s shippers. *sigh*

“Kibum is coming back. What’ll happen to Eunhae?”

“Sometimes, I wish Kibum won’t coming back ‘cause I’m afraid Eunhae will break up”

=.= What’s all this about? Relax! Kekekeke! We all know that EUNHAE IS REAL, so, Kihae can’t beat Eunhae! *delusional* Lalala... Before Kibum ‘left’ SuJu to focus on his acting career, Kihae was quite popular too. Maybe because Kibum is Donghae’s favourite dongsaeng. :P

Hmmm... But, even before Kibum not active with SuJu’s activity, Eunhae is already popular. So, what’re you guys worry ‘bout? Kihae or Eunhae, they’re still FRIEND and in one group! Please don’t say that you don’t want Kibum to makes a comeback with SuJu! T__T

p/s: Eunhae or Kihae... This is my super secret and I’m going to tell you... I love KiHaeHyuk more! Bwahahaha!

Oh, before I end this entry. When I was doing my work today, I suddenly thought about this... What IF, Donghae didn’t debut as SuJu’s member but TVXQ’s? And what IF Xiah Junsu didn’t debut as TVXQ’s member but SuJu’s? ROFL! This thought make me laugh silently inside my mind.

Donghae as TVXQ’s member? Hmmm... We know that he and Yunho was a good friend when they were still trainers and since both of them came from same hometown, Mokpo. Would Donghae fight with Jaejoong to get Yunho? Bwahahaha! It’s so funny when I think about it! How about Junsu? He and Eunhyuk were best friend and they know each other since they were a kids!

Aigo~ I’m so glad that Donghae debuted as SuJu’s member while Xiah Junsu debuted as TVXQ’s member.... ROFL!

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