Sunday, 25 November 2012

perginya seekor kucing...

Masa dia baru lahir, kitaorang panggil dia Meme... Sebab dia mmg comel di antara siblings dia yg lain... Dia lahir masa aku form 5, skang aku dah 23 tahun pun... Dah 6 tahun dia bersama ngan family aku... Kitaorang mmg sayang sgt kat dia. Sampai lama2, kitaorang panggil dia Kakak... Nama tu mmg lekat kat dia sampai dia mati. Dia ni manja sgt2... Pas2 jarang keluar rumah... Boleh dikatakan dia ni home cat gak lar... Aku ingat lagi time dia lahir, kat bawah katil aku... ^^ Nakal mmg nakal lar... Yg best, klu kitaorang keluar, and bila kitaorang balik, dia mesti sambut kitaorang... Dengan setia dia tunggu kat tempat park kereta.... Kalau time makan, dia mesti join sekali kat kerusi kosong... Kitaorang mmg tak dapat halau dia dah sbb dia mmg degil... Hihihihi... Tapi skang... Semua tu dah takde... Dia dah pergi... Semalam dia kena langgar kereta... Dalam keadaan bunting... Memang sedih sgt2... Perut dia dah besar, maybe dalam minggu ni dia bsalin, klu umur dia panjang... Mak cakap, kena langgar kat kepala... badan dia takde apa2 pun... Sedih sgt2... Mmg terus menagis masa mak gitau Kakak dah takde... Terkejut and tak sangka... Dia dah bersama kitaorang untuk 6 tahun... Mmg susah nak lupa dia... Time makan tadi, bila tgk kerusi kat sebelah, teringat dia... Macam nampak dia kat kerusi tu... :( Sedihnyer... Dah tak dapat peluk badan dia yg montel tuh... Pasni takde sapa teman saya bila family sy blk kampung... Takde sapa teman sy time makan... Kakak, sy sayang Kakak sgt2... Sy rasa mcm kehilangan ahli keluarga sy... Sy janji jaga anak Kakak yg 2 ekor tuh sampai diaorg besar mcm Kakak...
RIP Kakak.... We love you...

Monday, 12 November 2012

Of Eunhyuk & Eunhae...

10.11.12, when I woke up that morning, I received a message from my bestie.

"I hate Hyuk!"

Just reading that message, my heart was beating so fast. Why did she say like that? Something happened? She would never say like that because Eunhyuk is his ultimate bias. My mind started to go wild. Maybe he's announced that he has a girlfriend? This is what I'm thinking. With my shaking hand, I go online. What I don't wanna know actually happened. There's a picture of Eunhyuk and IU, which they said laying on the bed with Eunhyuk was topless. I couldn't believe it. I could never look at the picture. I cried. But why did I cry? Jealousy? Heartbroken? Shocked? No, it's because I'm hardcore Eunhae's shipper. I've always believe they're real. In just a few seconds, I felt betray. They're not real. They're doing it for the purpose of fan-service. For a few moments, I hate them. They're lying. I felt so stupid because I ship them really hard but for the fact, they're not couple. Why am I so stupid? They'll never be together. They're both man!

I don't know when I'm going back to my sense. Why did I feel so angry? I should be happy that they're not gay! They're doing it because they're a close friend, a brother. I'm the stupid one that thought they're together. I'm so sorry Lee Donghae, Lee Hyukjae. I shouldn't ship you guys like that and now I'm finally realize it.

I don't mind if Eunhyuk and IU really couple. It's their choice, who am I to separate them? But I don't like what she did. Why did she has to accidently posted that picture? What's her purpose?

I heard a lot of rumors until I don't know which one to believe. IU's label company already stated that the picture was taking during summer when IU was really sick and Eunhyuk come to visit her. The picture was taking on the sofa and not on a bed.

Then, I also heard a rumors saying, Eunhyuk wasn't topless. He's wearing a shirt. It's just a camera angle. I felt relief about this, if it's true. There was also a rumor saying that they were once a couple but already broken. But, rumors would always be a rumors.

And since that day, everyone around the world started pointing their fingers at Eunhyuk. What's his fault? He's not the one that posted that picture. It was IU and it's not fair because people only blame him. No matter how heartbroken I am, I can't accept if my oppa is hurt.

SM didn't do anything and the choose to shut their mouth. Is this also a relief? I don't know. Just do whatever they want, just don't cancel Eunhyuk's schedule. I'm more hurt if I couldn't get any news about Eunhyuk. And to think that the leader, Leeteuk, is in army now. Nobody gonna take care of it. I hope my Super Junior oppa will be fine. 

Eunhyuk oppa, no matter what happen, I'll always stand by your side. Don't give up, don't be sad. It's just another problem. Please stay strong. Please remember that you still have your brothers and a lot of ELF supporting you.

And well, to Eunhae's shipper... Are we going to let our ship sink just because of 1 picture? Blehhh... Eunhae got a lot, which I mean, A LOOOOOOOOOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT, that kind of picture. HAHAHAHAH!!! Even if they're not real, even if they relationship is just like a brothers, let me be in my Eunhae delusional world. I love them until I don't think I can't lose them.

Oppa, hwating! Saranghae!