Thursday, 2 June 2011

Donghae, wae~? T___T

Taiwan, 2 June 2011: A lot of ELF, especially Lee Donghae's fangirl has been admitted to the hospital after they got a nosebleed. Some of them were died due to the lost a lot of blood. This happened because of Lee Donghae, 25 years old, being so hot and damn sexy on Extravaganza Challenge aka Skip Beat filming set. The author aka owner of this blog, also has been admitted to the hospital because she's losing a lot of blood. She couldn't survive and died. Oh wait! So, who wrote this entry? LOL!

Donghae, he's trying to kill his fangirl! It's real story and I'm not kidding you! =_= LEE DONGHAE!!! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE, YOU FUCKING FREAKING HANDSOME BOY???? ROFL! Uh? Why am I having running nose and not a nosebleed? LOL!!! *sigh* IDK what happen to this boy... actually, what happen to me?

How can he turn from this...

or this...

or even this!

to... to.... to THIS!


ALSO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wae Donghae? WAE!!????????????? How could you do this to me!? *frustrated* ROFL! Kya!!! I Really wanna watch this drama so much! Donghae, I'll watch this drama coz of you! Kekekekeke... Oh... Coz of Siwon too! :P I wanna hear you talking in Mandarin with Mokpo accent! Muahahahahahaa!!!

O_O DONGHAE.... TOPLESS.... *dies*

pictures credit to the owner... OMG! you guys r so AWESOME! I wanna stalk Hae like that too!

p/s: is it me... or... Donghae really looks like... Cloud from Final Fantasy? LMAO! Shit! Donghae's image for this drama reminds me to anime character! =.= oh... Forget... This drama is an adaptation from Skip Beat... So, yeah~


  1. Cloud strife from Final Fantasy soooo trueee, kyaa! >.<