Thursday, 4 August 2011

You won't ever understand...

Sometimes I feel hurt, annoy and angry with some people who never understand my interest to Super Junior. Yes, I LOVE THEM. Satisfy? Stop asking me why I love them, why I care so much about them, why I spend my money on them! YOU GUYS WON’T EVER UNDERSTAND ME!

You’re not satisfies huh? Let me answer all your questions!

Why I love them? I’ve knew them for over 3 years and I’ve to admit that my love and support to them will never fade, instead, it’ll keep going on. Super Junior taught me about a lot of things and most important thing, they taught me about FRIENDSHIP! They taught me about how to support each other. They taught me how interact with my friends all over the world.

Why I care about them when they don’t even know me? Because they’re too precious. I don’t mind and I don’t care if they don’t even know me, and I’m the one that go Gaga over them. For me, for ELF, their happiness is the most important things we’ll like to see. You may think that we’re stupid to laugh, happy and cry with them because you won’t ever understand.

Why I spend my money on them? ‘Cause that make me satisfy besides, I don’t even use your money right? =.= Once my friend asked me, “Why did you’ve to buy their album? Why don’t just download it?” YOU GUYS WON’T EVER UNDERSTAND! I buy their albums to show my support ‘cause I love them, I care for them and I want they to be happy!

Why did I become butthurt when someone bashed my oppa? Then, how about you? What’ll you feel if someone bash people that you like/love? It’s hurt right? That time you’ll have a feeling to protect person that you love right? Same go with me. I may not be beside them, holding their hand to protect them. But, I always have my way.

You guys won’t ever understand, so... Please... I’m begging you... SHUT UP YOUR FUCKIN’ MOUTH! AND STOP ASKING ME WITH THOSE NONSENSE QUESTION! If you can’t understand me and you can’t accept me liking Super Junior, JUST FUCKIN’ SHUT UP YOUR BIG MOUTH!

I adore Super Junior. I love Super Junior. Call me obsess or whatever you want! I know myself. I also know my limit.

Saranghae, SUPER JUNIOR!!! I’ll always be your ELF...

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