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My Eunhae’s Shipping Heart is SCREAMING!

After Super Junior’s comeback, 2 weeks ago, there’re many Eunhae’s moments! T^T Buuuhhuuuu!!!! I’m crying in happiness and my Eunhae’s shipping heart can’t stop crying, giggling, squealing and screaming! Eunhyuk and Donghae are perfect together! Buuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhuuuuu!!! This two, such a teaser!!!! Bad guys! T^T

Today gonna be an update ‘bout Eunhae’s moments since 2 weeks ago! Yeeehhhhaaaaa!!!

Let’s start with... Mnet Wide Open Studio Talk. I feel relieve ‘cause after a few years SM artist (including Super Junior) can’t perform on Mnet, they’re finally back to Mnet! Yaaahoooo!!! Ok, back to the video. Of course, it’s Eunhae’s cut. XD

Cr: vixoon3 @yt

Since Eunhyuk lost in the game, he has to sit on a short chair! LMAO! But, *___* He put up the chair and bring it to Donghae’s lap, pretending like he’s going to sit on Hae’s lap! Geez, Lee Hyukjae! Why don’t you just sit on Donghae’s lap! Also, ‘cause he lost the game, he don’t get a microphone but, Donghae gladly let he use his microphone! *scream* When Eunhyuk get to sit on a chair beside Donghae, he suddenly put his chair closer to Donghae! LOL! Since Sungmin sitting to close to him! XP

Eunhae’s moments also happen when... EUNHYUK AND DONGHAE BECOME GUEST MC ON MUSIC CORE FOR 2 CONSERCATIVE WEEKS!!!! *__________*

Cr: LiveSuperJunior @yt

OMG! My heart... T^T They’re mc-ing together! Although Donghae looks kind of awkward (since he’s not use being MC like Eunhyuk) But, I don’t care! They’re so cute!

Cr: LiveSuperJunior @yt

T^T I can’t stop crying in happiness! At the end of the video cut...

Donghae: Be Mine! (while grabbing Eunhyuk’s shirt)
Eunhyuk: Thank you

Why did you say thanks!?? You should say something like, “I do” or “Yes”!!! Oppss sorry, my fangirl mind is working! XD

Eunhae’s moments happen again! This time at Super Junior M fanmeeting at China on August 16! Just watch the video... T^T

Fan leave a message to Donghae, “Donghae oppa, saranghae”. Then, Eunhyuk repeat with HEART SHAPE “Donghae oppa, saranghae” OMMMGGGGGGG!!!!! And f*ck you Lee Donghae! You feel really happy when Eunhyuk said that huhh!? He even ask Eunhyuk to repeat that sentence again! KYYYAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! Actually, there’s more Eunhae’s moments at that fanmeeting but I’m too lazy to search for the video! XD Mianhae~

Also at fanmeeting! XD Donghae is jealous after Eunhyuk and Zhoumi hug each other! He move forward and grab Eunhyuk's collar! LMAO!

That stare! Ohhhh!!! My poor heart can't take it anymore!


Cr: angelS2hatobr @yt

Eunhae plays soccer. XD Donghae who’s already lost at the beginning give a courage to Eunhyuk by... Huhh? Patting his cheeks!!! Sweeeeettttttt!!! Then, Eunhyuk manage to score the goal and he won! OMO! Donghae come to him and give a BIG HUG, almost 10 seconds!!!! OMGGGGGGG!!!! T^T

Eunhyuk's hand on Donghae's thigh! *_____*

Donghae is giving his Eunhyuk some courage! XD

Today on Inkigayo, oh before I forgot! Congratulations Super Junior for your 5th win! Hihihihi! They finally got Mutizen Award on Inkigayo! But, when they’re supposed to be happy, someone looks so down! And it’s Eunhyuk! I heard that his hand is injured and they’re kind of tired ‘cause of their pack schedule. It’s so rare to see a hyper Eunhyuk turn to sad mode. During his speech, he look like he’s trying to hold his tears! T_T What’s wrong?

Cr: CrazyCarrotNew310 @yt

After Inkigayo, they (along with Leeteuk, Shindong, Sungmin and Yesung) go the Dream Team recording. =.= What’re they? A robot? And I read from fanaccount, Donghae’s leg is injure! T^T What’s this!?? After Eunhyuk injured his hand, now Donghae injured his leg? Dear Manager oppa, fucking sending them to the hospital NOW! T^T Hope nothing’s serious! They’re already finish recording and go home. Please take some rest! And I heard that others member injured too. T^T What’re you doing to them SM!!!!!!!

By the way, Eunhyuk look ok on DT recording! We can see that he’s smiling again! T^T

Here, the fanaccount at DT recording today!

[110822 Dream Team recording] Filming continued, Eunhyuk took off his jacket before challenging. As he only took off one of his jacket’s sleeve, Donghae was already behind him to help him carry his jacket… Eunhyuk took his jacket off and gave it to Donghae, Donghae then folded it properly and put on the chair .. [CR:villaBUBU]

[110822 Dream Team recording] Eunhyuk successfully completed his challenge!! His completed it in lightning speed! Leeteuk and Sungmin went and congratulate him, Donghae did not go to him right away due to leg injury. Eunhyuk went back to the site and high fived with Donghae, Donghae touched Eunhyuk’s neck and hugged [CR:villaBUBU]

No matter how happy I’m, I just wanna they get some rest and don’t overwork! All pictures that I share are credit as tagged! XD I don’t own any pictures or videos!

p/s: this is not an Eunhae’s blog! LMAO! Yeah, right! =.=

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