Wednesday, 31 October 2012

it's another story of a short journey...

2 years ago, we hardly watched Kangin got enlisted to army.
But, we managed to wait for him. After 2 years, he finally come back. 
 1 years ago, we were shocked when Heechul suddenly announced that he got enlisted to army and with a heavy heart, we let him go.
But, we managed to wait for him. He'll come back to us next year. 
 And yesterday, we sent our leader, Leeteuk, go.
We already know it's his time to go. We already expect it. We promise that we'll wait for you, just like we did for Kangin, just like we're waiting for Heechul. We'll see you in 2 years. 
 This cycle will go on until Kyuhyun's turn. I know. I accept it. I'll patiently wait until it's end...
So, the newbie in Kpop world, especially boyband fans, be prepare. We, ELF, already send 3 members, we already in pain to let 3 members go for a while. And we still have to see 9 members go one by one. It's so hard. Some of you won't understand.
I promise, I try not to cry. But I fail. He's one of my favorite member. It's so hard but I know I've to bear with it. It's only for 2 years. Think positive. It's not like I'm not going to meet him anymore. But I'm afraid. As time flies, I'm going to let Donghae, my ultimate bias, go. Maybe in 2 or 3 years later. I should prepare my heart early...

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