Monday, 31 January 2011

I Just Can't...

Yesterday, I'm not feeling well and decided to take an off day. Luckily my boss gave me a permission to. :P What did I do yesterday? Yes, online, sleeping, online, sleeping, online and sleeping. =.=

My mum said to me, "Do you've to 'hide' inside your room for 24 hours like that? Just go out or at least stay at the living room"

I tried but fail. LOL! I love my bedroom freaking much! I love online. I love cyber world. I love sitting on my bed, facing my laptop... Seriously, I don't watch television like ages!

Wanna know why I love facing my laptop? It's because of Super Junior. I rather facing my laptop 24 hours than watching television or talk to other people (outside online world) or hanging out with my friend. =.=

People might say I've a boring life. But hey! This is my life and I love my current life. I'm working and only have one day rest day for a week! Is it wrong if i stay inside my room, online or surfing for 24 hours?

If I've a choice, I want to stay at home, doing nothing but online... =.= LOL!

I'll stop my blabbering right now. Before that, I've something to share! XD This picture was taken at Super Show 3 Singapore. Haish! How I wish I could go there! T___T (Suddenly remember about SS2 Malaysia memory last year! T__T)

I got a wild imagination when I saw this picture! XD (I'm so sure some of you thought like that too! Just admit it!!)

Siwon: You'll be mine, Donghae.
Donghae: NO!!! Hyukkie, help me~
Eunhyuk: How dare you siwon! Don't you ever touch Hae again! HE'S MINE!


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