Friday, 28 January 2011

She & Me

“What u think when u saw my name, my pic n everything that connected 2 me...”

She asked me this question and I kinda don’t get it. Why did she ask? Wifey~ You make me curious!

“Of course i will remember u n everything dat we done from da day i know u”

Then she asked me to list what we had done together... Wifey, is this include what we done with other? -.- You know what... I kinda have short-term memory nowadays... Hihihihi... But, I’ll try my best to list it. XD

Oh, did I mention it? Every times I saw this two little monkeys, I remember about you?

What did I do with you? Hmmm... Let me start with simple things first...

1) We ate together

- ROFL! Is this included? When we were living together for 3 years, we always ate together (sometimes with other housemates). Should I list the name of the restaurant too? I remember we went to eat at A&W beside Seremban Parade. ROFL! I always remember that we always went to... Ala... Kedai pakcik kat belakang tu, gi makan burger... :P Ate Korean food at Sunway Piramid and Times Square! Yummy~ Ate KFC at KL (after we finished shopping at MyStar). Did you remember ‘bout the deaf guy that sold us that keychain? Ate maggie when we were broke... XD Ate roti campur telur pastu letak sos. XD

2) We shopping together

- Of course I remember when we went to MyStar and borong more than RM100... XD Hmmm... Bought same clothes? Hihihihi... Even same sneaker... XD

3) Karaoke!

- I miss karaoke with you! At Jusco or Terminal 1... XD

4) I went to your house and you came to my house

- Ride bus from Seremban to Gemencheh or Seremban to
Penang. Hihihihi... Naik bus, duk belakang2, rasa macam naik kuda. Hakhakhak... At QB Penang, we met Jehan Miskin. LOL! Fate...

5) Cheating?

- Is this supposed to say here? Hope they won’t read it. Remember that night? We went to Jusco ‘cause I want to eat KFC? We went together and lie to others? Said that we went to meet friend...

6) Doing SJ-World’s projects

- Kangin’s and Yesung’s birthday project? XD

7) Cut our hair

XD LOL! At Nona Roguy (is it correct? I don’t know how to spell it) Oh! And rebonding our hair at Terminal 1! XD

8) Went to KL

- Jalan ikut suka hati. Tak tau penat dah balik rumah baru terasa nak mampus! XD

9) SS2 Malaysia

- Mana leh lupa kan? XD We went to stalk them at KLIA (although kuciwa), and hotel. Their konsert at Stadium Putra. Cheat our parents (sampai sekarang mak aku tak tau). =.= Bought the ticket was the horrible experience...

10) Hanging Super Junior’s poster

- At our bedroom’s wall... XD I miss ‘sleeping’ with them!

11) Gossiping

- Tido lambat sebab ngutuk orang. XD Or when we talked about Super Junior.

12) Fanfic

- Perah otak sesame to make Precious Love and How to Keep Loving You! XD PERVERT!

13) Waiting or Listening

- When Bonamana came out, we were waiting to watch it together. XD When Sorry Sorry... At college... Remember? Or SJM’s Super Girl... XD

14) Ponteng

- Sesama ponteng kelas sebab malas. Remember when we ponteng Pn Fida’s class ‘cause we wanted to online? - Bad student huh? We stayed inside the library XD Oh! Do you remember when we went to college? Just the two of us... On night when all our housemates went to their hometown for Raya Haji...

15) ‘Dating’

We always dating together right? The latest one was... At JB... ^^

16) ‘Fighting’

- I miss kicking and pulling your hair! XD

17) Sleep

- Is this even counted? Since we were roommates and our tilam just next to each other... So... Yeah...

Ok... what else? I’ve short-term memory you know!

I may not remember what we had done 'cause we've done a lot of things together... But believe me... I always remember you inside my heart...

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