Thursday, 24 March 2011

Learn to Appreciate

Last month on Twitter, GoodWill and MGI promised ELF that they will make a song to ELF if they reach more followers on Twitter. As expected, using ELF power, they got a lot of ELF followers. Wait! If you're asking who're GoodWill and MGI are, please click this link.

Today, they fulfilled what they had promised... ELF Song is finally out on Youtube!

cr: GoodWillMGI @yt

When I 1st heard this song, I was LOL-ing because the lyric is really funny. Yes, it's childish and without I realized it, my tears dropped. I felt so proud to be an ELF. Someone is really noticed us, an ELF. Someone is really noticed Super Junior existence. That's why I'm so happy. I'm so glad and proud of GoodWill and MGI.

I was so happy and wanna spazzing crazily... Until... I open this one of the famous International SJ forum. I just wanna leave comment there but I'm afraid that my comment will make a chaos and create a bad relationship between me and other friends there.

Just... Why can you appreciate what they did? Yes, the lyric is childish. It's not really cool. It's not turn out to something you were expecting. Did you guys realize that you just bash them?

It's so hurt to think that... Those comments are coming from the people on the same fandom as mine. If you don't like it, at least please appreciate it and not bash it. Are not you feel proud or something? Someone make a song especially for you.

When I see other fandom is praising them, while my OWN FANDOM is bashing them... I feel really hurt! It feel like... Their hardworking is such a waste. I hope they won't see those hate comments. I just feel bad for them.

People, why can you learn to appreciate something? Sometimes... I'm really GIVE UP with my own fandom... ELF...

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