Thursday, 24 March 2011

Old Idol?

Some fans or fandom like to call Super Junior as an old idol. Are they really an old idol? LOL! What's it mean? They're call as old idol because some of the members are almost reach their 30 and they're one of the idol that are still survive in Korean music industry. Well... 6 years... *proud* The average age of Korean male boyband is about.... 22-24 years old... Some of them are below 20. =.= For Super Junior? Well... The oldest is 28 years old while the youngest is 23 years old. Hmmm... Is that why they call Super Junior, "The Old Idol"?

No matter how many new boyband appear, I'll always support Super Junior. If they don't exist anymore, then... I'll also disappear from this fandom... They're my life... My source to breath... My reason to life... My inspiration to success...

For me... They're still... My aDORKable baby... ROFL!

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