Thursday, 31 March 2011

someone to talk to...

For this moment, I need someone to talk to. Depressed... Stress... I hate how I act strong and ok in front of other people. I hate how I act 'cause it make me more hurt inside... I hold my tears from fall down but when nobody around me, I burst into tears. I can't believe how I can act stronger even though... I'm not... I'm so weak... I try to hold but I fail. I can't hold it. And I hate myself for always being in depressed and stress... 'Cause every time I be in that condition, I'm always thinking to end my life... I feel so scare. But... When people ask me if I'm ok or not... "Yes, I'm ok" but the fact is... I'm not ok... I'm lier... I don't know how to tell the truth... I don't know how to express my feeling. If I can say it out loud... I want to shout to the whole world... Telling I'm not alright. How can I tell the truth? Can someone help me?

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