Thursday, 5 January 2012

Control Yourself

I was very shocked when I read the news about a Pinoy ELF who hugged Kyuhyun when he, Siwon and Eunhyuk went to The Philippines for Kyochon’s CF. But that girl already apologized and I think she deserved and apology and hope she already learned her lesson. It’s not first time thing like this happen to Super Junior or other Kpop artist, or maybe other celebrities all around the world.

My entry this time is about… Yes, please control yourself no matter how excited you’re when you meet your idol. Yes, you can scream, you can call out loud their name but please don’t overreact.

I, myself is a big fan of Super Junior and I’ve met them for 2 times already. Yes, I’m really crazy about them, I shouted, I screamed hysterically when I saw them, but I never thought of doing something beyond my imagination such as, hug or kiss them. ROFL! Well, I always say I wanted to hug them, but I won’t actually do it. But, I’ll do it if they allow me to! Hahaha!

I know the celebrities like them, which is coming from the different country from us, is rarely to be meet and see. I know a lot of fans can’t control theirself when they meet their idol. Just, when the thing happened, that time they just realize what they did.

Apologize Letter From the Girl Who Hugged Kyuhyun

Super Junior involved in fan related car accident
Sr: Koreaboo

Super Junior involved in another fan related car accident
Sr: allkpop

Above is just a few example of incident that happened to Super Junior. I'm sorry 'cause I only take Super Junior as example 'cause I know their news or things about them better than other artist. :P

No matter how excited you’re, please learn how to control yourself. I was excited too when I met Super Junior but never go too much or under control. When Super Junior came here for SS2, I went to stalk them at KLIA, and even their hotel but seriously, I know how to control myself. When other fans were crazily taking their pictures when they went out from the hotel, I just silently stood behind and took their pictures, well, not really silent ‘cause I did scream their name. LOL! When I went to MO.A last December, when Super Junior appeared on stage, fans at my side suddenly went crazy and stood up (when we were supposed to sit), I was one of the last person who stood up… =.= When Eunhyuk appeared in front of our seat area on SS2, I was one of the person who didn’t go in front to take Eunhyuk’s picture, when the fact, he’s one of my bias. =.= I screamed and shouted their name but I’m really scare to approach closely to them. Afraid that I’ll do something unexpected and can make me regret, its better I keep my distance and I respect them as the celebrities who also need some space for themselve.

So, my friends, I’m begging you, please don’t make something that you’ll regret later. Don’t make your idol think something negative about their fans. We can fangirling or fanboying crazily and hysterically but we also have to know our limit. Sometimes our body reacts faster than our brain, but don’t let your body take control of your brain. Please think relevantly before you make something.

p/s: This post is not just for ELF, it's for everyone. If you want your idol to be happy, please respect them.

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