Wednesday, 6 June 2012

My Loyalty

I'm already tired with this issue... It keep coming again and again. So, now I'm planning to close my ears, pretending like nothing is happening. Let's they, the antis, people who hate Super Junior or K-pop artist bash us. I don't care. I know who I am and you know who you're. Keep bashing because of that, we'll become stronger. You don't understand and that's why you keep bashing and say something ridiculous. I just hope that you've something better to do or to say, other than bashing our interest and artist. You'll never success if you keep your attitude like this.

I'm seriously don't understand what's wrong with liking K-pop music. I don't know what's the different between K-pop music and others music in your eyes. It's so stupid. This is so stupid. You're so stupid. I don't care about any music anymore especially that music. I'm tired of this people who keep bashing my interest. I won't care about you anymore. Just say what you want. I'll never support that music industry anymore because the artist make me sick, make me keep hating them. Don't blame us. It's because of your stupid mouth that we hate.

I've be liking K-pop for 4 years and I swear I'll never stop supporting them. Say what you want, I don't care!

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