Monday, 31 December 2012

best memories of 2012

Today is the last day of 2012. Time flies so fast and tomorrow, in 2013 I’ll turn 24 years old. I’ll still fangirling over Super Junior though. LOL! Many things had happened and not all things came out smoothly but I don’t really mind because let bygone be bygone. Sweet memories will surely remember forever. Because today is the last day of 2012 and in a few hours, we’re going to welcome 2013, I’ll list all sweet and best memories that happened to me in 2012.

1. Asia Super Showcase. I meet Super Junior for the 3rd time, BToB and Exo-M for the 1st time. The showcase was really daebak! I've no regret spending so much money for the sowcase.


2. Meet her after a year. I was so happy because got a chance to spend time with her again. She's forever my everything. I miss you, I love you. I hope we can meet again.

3. Vacation at Genting Highlands for the 1st time. LOL! Even I face an unexpected 'thing', the vacation still the best! Just forget about those 'thing'.

4. Jalan-jalan with my beloved family. 2012 is the year for Kedah and Perlis! LOL! I went to Kedah and Perlis for, I lost count! LOL! I went to Wang Kelian after 12 years, to Bukit Kayu Hitam after a few years (ROFL!), to Menara Alor Setar and Muzium Padi for the first time, and many more. I even went to the place I never go. Well, my family really like to jalan2.


5. Hangout with ELF friends. I got so many new friends because of Super Junior! Thank Q very kamsa! 

That's all. LOL! GOODBYE 2012 AND WELCOME 2013!

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