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super junior and my life...

A few days ago, my co-worker asked me, what exactly makes me loves Super Junior so much? Why’d I love them? Is it because of their various types of music? Is it because of their different personalities? Is it about their passion and affection? Or is it because of their handsome face? I love all, I love everything about them. I already like them for 5 years. Truthfully, I never feel bored with their song.

It was started on April 2008, when I was on my 2nd semester at college. That time, I didn’t even know K-pop and I didn’t even know it existence. Yes, I watch K-drama such as Winter Sonata, Autumn In My Heart and many more but I never listen to any K-pop song. That night, I was bored and my mind was really tired after studying for final exam. I borrowed my housemate laptop, trying to search for interesting video, I played a video and I didn’t even know the singer, but I immediately fell in love. It was Super Junior’s Haengbok music video. Suitable with the title, when I watched the MV, I felt really happy and my mood suddenly became high. They make me smiled and forgot about my stressful day. I was so lucky that my roommate also has the same interest.

Since my final exam was held on May, I didn’t have time to search anything about them. My semester break came and my wished to learn something about them, couldn’t be fulfil. When I went back to my hometown, I didn’t have any access for internet and cyber café is really far, and I didn’t have transport. For 2 and half months, I kept replaying the same song again and again. Around July 2008, when I watched MTV, they suddenly appeared on a commercial break. They were coming for MTV Asia Awards that was held at Genting Highlands on August 2008. I only knew 1 song and I didn’t even know the members’ name but I really want to go and meet them. Of course, my wish just became a wish. I went back to the college, just a few days after MTV Asia Awards, it was really hurt when I saw Genting Highlands signboard.

1st thing I wanted to do when went back to college is search everything about Super Junior. Their names, songs, sub-group and everything, I like them more and more. I downloaded all their songs and I listen to their song every day.

On March 2009, when they were released their new album, Sorry Sorry, I was at my hometown, since it was mid semester break. I couldn’t wait until I went back to college, so I decided to drag my brother to cyber café. I was so eager to listen to their new song. I was really happy when the 1st time I listen to Sorry Sorry and my brother could only shake his head. K-pop wasn’t really popular at that time and it was hard to watch any K-pop video on TV. When I 1st watched Sorry Sorry on TV, I was really happy and seriously became really excited, shouting and singing together with them.

On June 2009, once again semester break came. Since I knew Super Junior, I couldn’t live without internet. I need to know anything about them. I managed to persuade my dad to buy a broadband, of course, using my own money. With internet connection, everything went well and I didn’t have to worry about anything.

When new semester started, my roommate and I knew that there was a K-pop store at Berjaya Times Square. We were unfamiliar with KL but because we were so eager to go there, we would do anything to make it happened. We went to BTS for the 1st time, looking for a K-pop store, MyStar. Upon arriving at the store, I couldn’t help, my eyes were shining and felt like wanted to buy everything that display there. We spent almost 2 hours at that shop, deciding what to buy. At last, I spent almost RM200 at that shop, buying their album, poster, keychain and other accessories. It’s worth and I never feel regret spending so much money.

End of December 2009, during my last semester, I received an unexpected news, the news that make me so happy and almost shed tears. Super Junior was going to held their 1st solo concert at Malaysia, Super Junior Super Show 2 (SS2), on 20th March 2010. I excitedly call my roommate and we were really happy. The ticket started selling only a few weeks after new semester opened. Since I knew Super Junior, I went through a lot of experiences. We went to buy the ticket at Sungei Wang Plaza. We thought not many people would come, we never knew how many Super Junior or K-pop fans at Malaysia. We took a bus from Seremban to KL, and arrived at Sungei Wang Plaza around 10.45 am and I was really shocked because there were already hundreds or maybe thousands of fan queued. For the 1st time, I felt how people were battling to get the ticket, pushing and pulling here and there, and that was the scariest memories I ever experienced. From 10.45 am, I only got my ticket on 8.15 pm. I was queuing and standing for almost 9 hours to get the ticket! It was tiring but when I held the ticket, I forgot everything.

20th March 2010, one of the beautiful and sweetest memories in my lifetime. I would never forget the 1st day I met them. A day before the concert, my roommate and I decided to welcome them at KLIA. We went really early. Took a Komuter from Seremban to Nilai, then took a bus to KLIA and we already there on 11 am, although their flight landed around 4 pm. I really wanted to meet them but our hope destroyed. A lot of fans were waiting at the arrival but they came out from departure. Nobody knew and could imagine how broke my heart that time. I came so early but I couldn’t meet them.

On the concert day, with my heart a little bit broken since I couldn’t meet them at airport the day before, my friends and I were trying to test our luck. Before we check-in to our hotel, we went to Millennium Hotel, the hotel that they stayed. There were not so many fans since a lot of fans already went to the concert venue. Less than 10 minutes after arriving at the hotel, my dream came true! They came out from hotel. I was shaking, screaming their name. I was only a few feet from them. I could see them really close, really clear. My mood brighter and I didn’t feel broken anymore. My wish came true.

That night was the greatest moments. I could hear them sing live, I could see them dancing live and I could see their affection, their interaction with each other and fans. 3 hours was so fast. It was like a dream and I wished I never wake up. A day after the concert, it wasn’t enough. I need to see them a little bit. Once again, we went to the hotel. We arrived there on 1.30 pm, standing outside the hotel with really hot weather, and they only came out on 4.30 pm. I was really happy. 20th and 21st March 2010 was really an amazing days for me.

I thought I could never see them again. I finished my study on May 2010 and that’s means, I was back to my protective family, to my overprotective parents. I didn’t think I would see them again. On March 2011, once again they came to Malaysia for SS3. I didn’t go, I couldn’t see them, I couldn’t meet them, I couldn’t stalk them. Just 1 week after the concert, I went to a vacation with my family at Sepang. When drive thru the Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil, my heart was so hurt. They just having a big concert, only a week before. I almost cried when I thought about it. They came again on May 2011 for Hari Himpunan Sejuta Belia at Putrajaya. Sadly, I still couldn’t go. I already lost 2 opportunities to meet them on 2011.

On November 2011, the organizer announced that they would bring Super Junior for MOA Live at KL at MBPJ Stadium. I make up my mind, I must go to the concert. I must see them. My wish came true once again, on 3rd December 2011. Not only Super Junior but I also meet f(x), B1A4 and Miss A. I only bought the cheapest ticket, which is RM183. They only sang a few songs since it wasn’t their solo concert, I was really far from the stage and I wasn’t satisfied but I was happy.

When I thought that was my last time I could see them, on December 2012, the organizer once again announced they would bring Super Junior’s subgroup, Super Junior M for Asia Super Showcase at Kenanga Wholesale City. I wanted to go and decided to buy an expensive ticket (thanks to my lovely everything) for the 1st time. I watched their performance for 3rd times on 11th December 2012. I also met Exo-M and BToB for the 1st time. I was really close with the stage, I could see them clearly. It was an amazing show, although I started queuing since 7.45 am and the concert only started on 8.15 pm. I was tired but really happy.

I wanted to meet them again. They just came here again 2 days ago for Golden Disk Awards (GDA) but I couldn’t go. I just met them last month, so I couldn’t go. I was really heartbroken, losing so many opportunities to meet them. But meeting them for 3 times, already make me this happy. If I’ve a chance, I want to meet them again. I want to feel happy again.

All moneys I spent for them, I never regret it. It gave me a satisfaction. Super Junior teaches me a lot of things. I became more independence and I travelled to a lot of different new place. They taught me about a strong bond of friendship. They taught me to never give up and must be a hardworking to achieve what I want. Their music accompanies me when I was stress, depressed or tension.

No matter what other people say, I’ll continue support them. They’re my source of happiness. I know what I like, I know my limit. Nothing can change my love towards them.

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  1. unni so lucky i never met them before n i really wish too >_< ...