Tuesday, 19 February 2013

another random post...

it's been a long time, is it? today is already 19th february 2013. time flies so fast. 5.05 am and i still haven't sleep. i can't sleep but it's ok because today is my off day. finally! after 7 days straight working, i can get a rest although for 1 day. a lot of things happen at work... since chinese new year just passed a week ago, i'm hella tired... not enough staff at work, not enough sleep, not enough rest. gaahh! i hate it. what i hate the most it, it feel like i'm the only one working there. everything has to ask me. i'm so tired. i just wanna ignore all calls and sms for today. no work for a whole day. try to learn how to be independence. not all things should ask for hundreds time. i'm so stressful. depression. why'd they don't understand?

enough with work! gahhh! just think about it make me so tension!

become adult surely stressful. have to think about anything. future, money, life, work. so difficult! until when should i live like this? have to stop but i don't know how to!

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