Wednesday, 20 February 2013

meet my babies...

Meet my babies... Lemme introduce them from the left...

- Ms Senior Bear a.k.a Ms Sen B which I got from my parents on my graduation day.
- Mr Panda which I bought because he looks so cute.
- Mr Bear Jr a.k.a Mr Junior which I got from wifey.
- Mrs Hyuk-Eun which I bought because I bought his hubby, Mr Hae-A, to give to my wifey.
- Mr Froggy which I got as a present from one of my unnie.
- Mr Fishy which I... Well, I just want to buy him.
- Mr Giry which I bought because of the same reason as I bought Mr Fishy.
- Mr Blue Bear a.k.a Mr BB which I bought from my friend. He was handmade.

My babies will increased soon... I still need Racoon, Cat, Rabbit, Horse, Turtle, Duck....

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