Monday, 18 March 2013

super siblings?

We all know what Super Junior's member have a close bond to each other and sometimes, I also forget that they've their blood-related siblings! LOL! Let's take a look at their super siblings! :P 

Shindong's younger sister (Ahn Da Young)
Shindong only revealed that he has a younger sister last year. I always thought he was only child and didn't expect this. His sister is a fan of BEAST. Her surname is taken from their mum because their parents already divorce. Her sister is staying with their mum.

Leeteuk's elder sister (Park In Young)
Really pretty right? Leeteuk's sister is also a celebrity. She had appeared in some variety show with Leeteuk and she's so funny too!
Leeteuk and his sister.

Sungmin's younger brother (Lee Sung Jin)
 Somewhat, Sung Jin looks more matured than his brother. LOL! If I'm not mistaken, he was born on 1989.
 Sungmin with his brother, Sung Jin.

Kibum's younger sister (Kim Sae Hee)
 She's really pretty! 
 Kibum with his youngest sister.

Donghae's elder brother (Lee Dong Hwa)
He doesn't look like Donghae. LOL! Or is it... Donghae doesn't look like him? Dong Hwa is really low-profile. I never seen a picture of him, not until they open the cafe, The Grand Place.

Heechul's elder sister (Kim Hee Jin)
They don't look alike too! LOL! But his sister is really cute.
Heechul and his elder sister.

Siwon's sister (Choi Ji Won)
Not many thing I know about his sister but 1 thing I can say... Handsomeness & prettiness run in their blood. LOL! I don't know if she's Siwon's younger sister or elder sister. 

Henry's elder brother (Clinton Lau) & younger sister (Whitney Lau)
Wow! Henry's brother looks handsome though!
Lau siblings. Kekekeke... Henry with his elder brother and younger sister.
Henry and Whitney. Her sister so cute!

Kyuhyun's elder sister (Cho Ahra)
Another pretty sister.
Kyuhyun and his sister.

Eunhyuk's elder sister (Lee Sora)
Eunhyuk and his sister. OMG! They look like a boyfriend and a girlfriend. Both so cute! Eunhyuk seems to have a very close relationship with his sister.

Yesung's younger brother (Kim Jong Jin)
 He was born on 1997. LOL! I'm kidding. He's actually 3 years younger than Yesung. Yup, he was born on 1987. Damn! Why you looks so young, oppa? :P
Yesung with his brother. So cute!!

I, personally like Eunhyuk's elder sister and Yesung's younger brother. LOL! 

Super Junior's members are really close. So did their sisters! LOL! Extra picture!!!

Hee Jin, Sora, In Young & Ahra.

Oops, not only the sisters, the brothers also!

Jong Jin & Sung Jin.

So, Super Junior is a 1 big happy family! LOL!

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