Tuesday, 30 April 2013

random entry? or maybe not?

Woah!! It's already end of April! And I don't post anything this month? Is it? I'm not sure! LOL! Lately, I rarely online because April is such a busy month for me! So tired~ Started early this month I've to join a lot of Maxis/Hotlink promotion! Woke up on 8 am and only went home on 10.30 pm. Tired~ Buhhuuu~ But, it's already finished! Finally! Don't make me go to promotion anymore! LOL!

Because of my busy day, I forgot about many things! Gahh! What I wanted to post, I forgot! Ok, on April, we've Eunhyuk's birthday, Siwon's actual birthday, Zhoumi's birthday and also... My birthday! That's the point! LOL! Kidding~ Whatever, it's already late but HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TO MY OPPAS! WISH YOU ALL THE BEST! SARANGHAE FOREVER!

Oh, oh! PRU13 almost near! Time to vote! JOM MENGUNDI! It's my first time! Should I be excited? Kekekeke... I'm waiting for 5th June 2013. Luckily I already registered and I can go voting this Sunday. XD I'm thinking to work half day that day. Too lazy to wake up early! Ok, it's enough with politic, I'm not in a mood to talk about it. UNDI ADALAH RAHSIA! 

Also, in April, it's mean... I already knew Super Junior for 5 years! It's my anniversary with them! Woohoo! It's feel like... Just yesterday I watched "Haengbok" MV. It's already 5 years! Waahhh~ T^T I'm with them for 5 years! I still can't believe I'll like Super Junior this long! I never have an addiction like this! They're like a drug, so addictive, making me love them more and more! 5 years with them, 3 times met them, it's feel like a miracle. Oppa, what have you done to me? Why am I like this? No, I'm not gonna complain though! :P I WILL BE A LOYAL ELF AND SUPPORT YOU TILL THE END. But, Super Junior won't have an END. Seriously, the time I quit like K-pop is when Super Junior is no longer in the K-pop world. Till then, I'll give my full support for them. I know and like K-pop because of Super Junior, if they don't exist anymore, it's useless for me to like K-pop.

Early this month, Yesung announced that he'll join military on 6 May 2013. What's this oppa? T^T But, I can't do anything. Please, just let them go for 2 years and we should wait patiently. For Korean male, going to military is like their pride and they're proud with it. Please, don't be such a bitch and let them go! Gahh! I know, it's still frustrating. Kangin went on 2010 and came back on 2012. Heechul went on 2011 and will come back this August. Leeteuk went on 2012 and will come back next year. Yesung will go next week and come back after 2 years. Next year, will be Shindong get to enlistment. On 2015? It's the most frustrating year! Donghae, Eunhyuk, Sungmin and Siwon! NOOOOO!!!! Why so many members born on 1986? But, I think SM won't let this 4 members go together. Maybe next year, we'll see at least 2 or 3 members get enlistment. Gahh!! It's ok, I WILL WAIT! Starting next month (at least until August), Super Junior will continue their activities with 10 members (including Henry and Zhoumi, of course!) out of 15 members. I'm so sad~

Enough with sad story!

Super Show 5 is starting yoh! Woahhh!!! They already starting their world tour since March at Seoul. And last week, they went to South America! I'm so proud of my oppa! It was their first concert at South America and proud to tell that, the stadium/venue was full with Pearl Sapphire Blue color! WOW! 21st April at Brazil, 23rd April at Argentina, 25th April at Chile and 27th April at Peru! It's just... Wow! Are you fuckin' crazy? Now, airport and plane are like a house to you guys huh? In a week, they went to 4 different countries.I'm so jealous! On June, they'll continue their world tour at Indonesia and Hong Kong. On July, at Singapore and Japan. On 5th October... AT MALAYSIA!!! Yes! Can I cry now? LOL! It's 5 month from now! =.= I want to hear this, officially from their mouths! Whatever, I already start saving. This time I want a VIP ticket! Or maybe not! :P But I really want a seating ticket. No more rockpit! One time is enough! Rockpit is tiring and I already experienced it last year and I felt like dying. Super Show is like a dream come true for all ELF. I already met them trice but the 2nd and 3rd time, wasn't enough. The only sang a few songs and have to share stage with other artist. That's why, I think, the best moment when I met them was the 1st time, on 2010 for Super Show 2 and I'm freakin' frustrated because couldn't go to Super Show 3. Super Show 4 wasn't hold at Malaysia. That's why, I want this Super Show 5 to be the best memorable time in my entire life!

When I thought about saving more money for Super Show 5, here come another great news. Donghae and Eunhyuk will released their 2nd Japanese single "I Wanna Dance" on June. WHY!!??? I'm trying to save my money to meet you guys, how dare you release another new single! They're my most favorite members on Super Junior and it's already frustrating because I couldn't buy their 1st single. I NEED TO BUY THIS! Buhuuu~ Super Junior is making me bankrupt! Japanese single/album is so expensive. If I could buy Korean album with only RM70++, Japanese album will cost... At least RM100++ Oh, why Japanese single!? But, I've to buy this one, even if I'm going to bankrupt. I'm buy because of you two, EUNHAE!

It's already so late! I'm working tomorrow! So, it's enough with my blabbering! BYE and GOODNIGHT!

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