Wednesday, 15 October 2014

of wedding & birthday

On 14th October, I woke up, reading a hertbreaking news. The rumour about Sungmin is going to marry on 13th December is true. A part of me can't accept the fact. But, I'm trying to think positive. If he's happy, why can't I be happy for him? It's his happiness. I'm only his fan, who will always stand by his side. He has his own life. He can find his own hapiness. If we can find our happiness,  why can't we accept it? Yes, its hard to be a fan. But, have we ever think about his feeling? Sooner or later, they'll get marry. They'll have their own family. Do you want you oppa to stay single forever? Super Junior's members aren't young anymore. Their time to have their own family has come. Didn't we, ELF, promised to stay with them no matter what happen? Why can't we show our support? Feeling betray? Have we ever consider his feeling? They aren't yours forever.  We've to learn to let them go. I admit that Sungmin is my least favorite member. I haven't or never expect this marriage thing will come this fast. This morning, I suddenly realize that I've to learn to accept this when my bias is announcing his marriage. It's going to be hurt but in my mind, as long as he's happy. I'm only a fan. Yes, a fan. My job is only to support them.
Sungmin oppa, I hope you'll stay strong. Please always remember that there's still fans that are willing to be with you in any situation. You've your family, your members, your fans. I wish you the best. Your happiness is our happiness.

Today is 15th October. It's our Mr Fish's birthday! Congratulations Lee Donghae! You're turning to 29 years old this year. Time surely flies so fast neh? For ELF, you're always our 5 years old kid.
Stay awesome, stay cute, stay healthy, be happy always. You're my no. 1 bias and will always be. I'm worry and sad when think about you're going to enlist next year. I should prepare my mind for this too right? 2 years without you. Lee Donghae, happy birthday!

We're family. Family stick together. Super Junior, saranghae! 

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