Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Another untitled post...

It's already October! So fast lor and I didn't post anything on September. I rarely on9 or mengadap my laptop. Too busy and tired with work. After finish working, on my mind is always... SLEEP! Yeah, I really need enough sleep!

This is my Super Junior's album collection! Hohohoho! How much did I spend for all this? I'm not sure and I don't wanna know! XP My co-worker was so shocked when she know how obsessed I with Super Junior. Really, I bought this album 'cause I support them. You guys won't ever understand it!

And I just received this a few days ago! A-cha! LOL! Now, I'm aiming for Mr Simple Ver B! Already got ver A and C, now I want ver B. Lol! Didn't buy it last month 'cause... I'm totally broke! XP

Yesterday, 4th October, her birthday. XP Happy Belated Birthday, my beloved wifey! Although already wish it, still wanna wish on my personal blog! I really glad you like my present! XD Really miss you. Kalau boleh, nak pergi Putrajaya peluk cium ko! Wahahaha!

It's almost a year since we last meet each other. *sigh* When can I meet you again? T^T

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