Wednesday, 12 October 2011


Fanwar. What’s it? I’m not really good in describing a word but what I know, fanwar is something like... =.= Ok, lemme give an example.

A is a fan of Z group, while B is a fan of Y group. A and B always argue/fight ‘cause they want to compare/tell the other fanbase group that their fanbase group is much better.

LOL! What example is that?

About this fanwar, I can’t say it out loud on my Twitter or FB since there are some of my friend has different opinion. It’s up to them. We can’t close other people mouth and we can’t stop other people from typing what they like.

I’ve 2 issues that I want to talk about. This fanwar happen long time ago and it’s still continued until now.

Super Junior



better if I say, ELF vs SONE)
Super Junior is one of the powerful and famous boyband at Korea, while SNSD is one of the powerful and famous girlband at Korea. They come from the same company (SM Entertainment) and some of the members for both groups already know each other since long time ago. There are always been a fanwar between this two big fanbase. ELF and Sone always argue with each other to tell the whole world who’s most popular or better receive that certain awards. Truthfully, I’m so hurt. I’m ELF but I’m not Sone. I love Super Junior but I like SNSD too. My love to Super Junior is eternity and I also support SNSD. They’re the second group I like after Super Junior. That’s why when my ELF friends said something bad about SNSD, I can just shut my mouth. I love my friend but I love SNSD too. I can’t bash them like other fans do. When Sone bash Super Junior, I’ve to shut my mouth too. I can’t fight them back ‘cause I respect and support SNSD. It’s true that I want Super Junior to win awards over SNSD but I can’t bash SNSD. I just can silently support Super Junior, not bashing other artist. The conclusion is... I love Super Junior and I like SNSD. When ELF and Sone argue, I’ll shut my mouth, close my eyes ‘cause it’s so damn hurt.

Eunhae (top Eunhyuk, bottom Donghae)


Haehyuk (top Donghae, bottom Eunhyuk)

A few weeks ago, I see my friends argue about who top and who bottom on Eunhae’s relationship. =.= It’s just... I don’t know but it’s kinda annoying when some of my friends bash each other just ‘cause they wanna proof that they’re true. For God’s sake, Eunhae or Haehyuk or Haeeun or Hyukhae, they’re the same person! =.= If it’s really hard, how about we pretend that they’re flexible. LMAO! We don’t even know if they’re real or not (well, I believe they’re real! It’s just... You know...) They’re still the same person and all of us have each other opinion and let’s just respect each other ok? I support both. Eunhae and Haehyuk 'cause they're still the same person. I remember read on Tumblr few days ago (but forgot from who tumblr) and kinda agree with her. Donghae's face looks feminine and he has an emotion like a girl (too sensitive and easily cry), while Eunhyuk, the way he sit, act, sometimes looks feminine. That's why it's hard for Eunhae/Haehyuk's shipper to decide who top or bottom. LOL! It's not as easy as Kangteuk, Hanchul, Kyumin or Yewook... =.=

Eunhae or Haehyuk, they're still cute and manly for me! ROFL!

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