Saturday, 15 October 2011

HAEppy 26th Birthday, Dear Fish!

Happy 6th... Oops! I mean, Haeppy 26th Birthday to Korea no 1 handsome mulkogi, Lee Donghae! LOL! Although you’re already 26 years old, in your fans heart, you’re always my 5 years old little fish! Hahaha! Lee Donghae never ages! I like how you act childish, innocent and hyperactive like 5 years old child! ROFL!

Please continue be what you’re right now. I’ll praying for your success and hoping you’ve a successful life! I’ll always support you! Be a good singer and actor. (hope one day you’ll be a good MC or maybe radio DJ too! LOL!)

Since Donghae is my ultimate bias in Super Junior, IT'S TIME FOR PICTURES SPAM! LOL!

Child Hae! Cute right? No wonder he's so handsome now! T^T

Kid Hae! LOL! My innocent baby!

Young Donghae! LOL! This is before he debuted as SuJu's member! Maybe he's only 16 or 17 years old this time.

2005. When SuJu just debut... XD His hair so longggg...

On 2006. Handsome Hae but still... he looked young... :P

On mid of 2007... For Attack On The Pin-up Boy. So cute!

On 2007 for Don't Don. His weird hair color! XD

2008... For SJ-M Mini Album promotion!

2009 for Sorry Sorry!! *pulling ur tongue!* LOL!

Still on 2009... SJ-M promotion... *damn those muscles!*

2010 for Bonamana... *damn his body... LOL! it's getting pervert!*

Sexy Hae! For Super Show 3! LOL!


For Taiwanese drama which will be air this December! Gosh! He's playing as a bad-ass guy! Me likey!

For Mr Simple!

Few weeks ago... Damn... T^T He's so handsome!

End of pictures spam... He's cute no matter how old he's... :P

Lee Donghae, saranghae! Dong-hai, wo ai ni! Aiden Lee, I love you!

Donghae: Yeah! I'm turning 6 years old again!


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