Friday, 25 November 2011

Meet Again...

A week to go! I'm going to see them again! My 2nd and might be my last time too. *sigh* I still hoping I've another chance to meet them. I'm not satisfied. Next week, they're coming for MOA Mnet Live 2011 with F(x), Miss A and B1A4. I just want to meet Super Junior. :P But, it's a good opportunity to meet other group too! XD

My 1st chanced I got to see Super Junior was last year for Super Show 2 at Malaysia. *sigh* Now, they already starting their Super Show 4. My chance to meet them for SS4 is so little. That's why I really wanna go to MOA.

And I'm going to meet my ELF friend too! I can't wait to meet my wifey again! XD

Whatever... I'll just enjoy next week... ^^

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