Friday, 2 December 2011

What I Wanna Do Before...

Before I die? LOL! No. It's just my wishes...

1. Meet Super Junior. Yes, I've met them last year and I'm gonna meet them again in 2 days. What I'm trying to say is, I wanna personally meet them, talk to them, or maybe shake their hands, and take pictures with them. LOL!

2. Go to Korea. Since I start to like Super Junior, I've a dream to go there. I want to visit Sukira. I want to go to Super Junior's apartment (bleh... I just wanna see from outside), and I wanna stalk them outside of the SME building.

3. Hug Lee Donghae. This is really weird! I always think that Donghae's body is really comfortable. It's not only because he's my bias. But I really do have a desire to hug his body. LOL!

Enough with my silly wishes... I can't wait for tomorrow. It's already 2.30 am and what am I doing? Still online although I've to wake up early next morning. I'm going to KL for MO.A!!! Yieppieeee!!! Gonna meet Super Junior, F(x), Miss A and B1A4! Hell yeah! And I'm going to meet my ELF friends too! I'm super excited!

Uhh... OHH!! When I open FB earlier, I'm almost got an heart attack. "Eunhyuk gonna has kissing scene on that MV"

EH filmed an MV for FIX (RW's cousin, Jungwook, is a member) and he will be a hero in it. In the MV, there are kissing scenes as well as crying scenes and one where he got down on his knees and cried.
credits: @jwon0508

WHAT IS THIS, LEE HYUKJAE!? LOL! Someone is not approved this. No, no. Not me. It's him!

Sorry Eunhyuk. Your hubby doesn't approve this kissing scene! LOL!

Donghae, when you're at Thailand filming CF with Leeteuk, your wifey is flirting behind you! He's fuckin' having a kissing scene! ROFL!

And enough with that kissing scene since we all know that Donghae won't approve it. Lalalala... :P

Eunhyuk for his musical, FAME. Ughh... Why am I spazzing 'bout him? Are you trying to ruin my bias list? LOL! That won't never happen 'cause Donghae and Leeteuk always no1 and no2 in my heart. Hahahaha! I just wanna say that he look gorgeous with this hair and it's remind me to Donghae's hair when he was fliming Skip Beat!

And talking about Skip Beat, now is already December and it's mean... OH MY GOD! Skip Beat is going to start airing this month right???? KYAAA!!! My bad-ass Donghae!!!

Oh! Super Junior Super Show 4 (SS4) already started! Wohhooo!!! I'm hoping that Malaysia gonna be on SS4 list. But... *sigh* Ignore me! Hahahahaha! Donghae has solo again! And of course Eunhyuk is helping him, again... ROFL! Oppa! That song kinda epic 'cause I never see Donghae dance like that and it's kinda weird for me. LOL! I think it's ok with Eunhyuk 'cause I always see his gag but Donghae? Erk... LMAO!

cr: RaiBaka @ yt

Finally, CONGRATULATIONS SUPER JUNIOR! They won 3 awards at Mnet Asia Music Awards 2011 (MAMA 2011)! Singapore's Choice Award, Best Male Group and top award, ALBUM OF THE YEAR! I'm so happy for them and I'm so proud to be an ELF!

LOL! Too many updates in 1 post. That's all. I wanna sleep! Super Junior, see you in 2 days!!

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