Tuesday, 24 April 2012


Finally! After 2 years, the fanfic already finish. 2 tahun gak la tunggu ending fanfic tuh... Huhuhu... But, it's worth! Hohohoho! I love the ending and I'll continue reading her fanfic. She's awesome writer!

It's been a long time since I write fanfic. Maybe around... 6 or 7 months.... Having a major writer's block! Gahhh!!! I wanna continue writing but the idea won't come out. I only focus on reading fanfic than write it. Kekekek...

I respect those fanfic writers who can update everyday. Seems like that have a lot of ideas inside their mind! T.T When I start writing fanfic, about 3 years ago, the ideas would come without I realize it. But now... No matter how much I force, it wouldn't come out! GGGAAAHHHH!!! *frustrated*

Someone, gimme some ideas now! I wanna write fanfic back!

p/s: I just... realize sumthing... Ehhh... Blogspot ni dah tukar ker? Nape lain macam jer style nak post update nih? LOL!

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