Sunday, 1 July 2012

1st July...

Ok... So, two most important things happen today... 1st July 2012... Super Junior 6th album finally released!!! YIIPPPIIEEEE!!! I can't wait to have the album! Hohohoho! I already listened to all 10 songs and damn! I can't decide which one is the best! LMAO! It's difficult like always... The album title is Sexy, Free & Single. Seriously, for the 1st time, it's sound so wrong! Hahahaha! Pervert me!

I'm going to tell how I feel for every songs....

01. Sexy, Free & Single - I LOVE IT! I notice something different from their previous songs like Sorry Sorry, Bonamana or Mr Simple... Hoh shit! Hearing Kangin's voice after a long time feel so good! "Sexy, Free & Single I'm ready to bingo!" LOL!

02. From U - Sound familiar... Then, I realize... Isn't this a song at SS4? I love this song. My favourite at the moment... "This song is dedicated to the world biggest fanclub, the ELF, my girls, my angels..." Oh my... T^T

03. Gulliver - >.< 1st time hearing it, I'm shivering and Idk why! LOL! Maybe because of Eunhyuk and Donghae's voice at the beggining. LMAO!

04. Someday - Oh my... T^T Ballad song always makes me tears up!

05. Now - This song makes me shake my head with it beats... ROFL!

06. Rockstar - OMG!!!! SM should makes a MV for this song!!!!! KYYYYAAAAA!!!! When I 1st time listen to Eunhyuk's part, "Oh my God, I'm so hot", with that sexy voice... I can't help but screaming... OMG!!! LOL! It's true! 

07. Bittersweet - Another ballad song... The beats and melody is so... Touch my heart! T^T

08. Butterfly - This song also can make me shakes my head... LOL!

09. Daydream - Crying hard with this song... Idk why though...

10. A Good Bye - Just seeing the title makes me cry... Haish... This album contains so many songs that make me cry... What's the meaning of this song? T^T

Ok, enough with the album... Second most important thing happen today... It's Super Junior's Leader, Leeteuk, 30th birthday!!! OMO! Leeteuk oppa, you're already 30 years old! OMG! I suddenly feel old! Hahahaha! Oppa, I promise I'll continue support you. Super Junior and ELF, we'll old together... I won't stop support you. Haish... Almost make me cry. I still remember the 1st time I knew Super Junior. It was 4 years ago...

Leeteuk... Park Jungsu... This might be your last album before you go to army... I can't imagine how can Super Junior and ELF survive without a leader. T^T But, we promise to be good and wait for you! Oppa, saranghae!

Love leader Leeteuk forever... <3

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