Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Super Junior... COMEBACK!!!

Wow! *breaths in, breaths out* Super Junior is going to make a comeback on July 2012! Wohhoo! Only after 11 months they released 5th album, they're going to release 6th album and Kangin going to make his 1st appearance after almost 3 years! YEAH! But, so sad. We won't get to see Heechul this time! Huuwaaa!!! And where's Kibum? That guy has been missing in action since 2009! Geez! But, well... Luckily he's having a new drama, so... Yeah... Support Kibum in I Love Italy! XD

So, today entry I wanna talk about Super Junior teaser picture concept. The title for their new album is Sexy, Free and Single. Woot woot! *cough*sound*cough*pervert*cough* XD And the concept for their teaser picture is Beautiful Man. Well, oppa is beautiful. No doubt! But I never expect something like that from their teaser picture. Some of them really beautiful... THAN A GIRL! LMAO!

On 21st June 2012, they revealed Eunhyuk's teaser picture...

Oh! So damn handsome Eunhyuk although I couldn't see your eyes! Gah! Why they have to close Eunhyuk's eyes, just like 5th album? Duh! But, chinja! He looks really handsome yet beautiful with that flower on his eyes. LOL!

The next day, they revealed Donghae's picture. Oh! Eunhae!

KYAAA!!! Why he looks like a girl!? He's so pretty! And I think I've fall in love with him more! LMAO! Why did Donghae wear something that looks like a bride? Oh, is it because Eunhyuk is your groom? Hahahaha! I don't have any idea what that veil doing on his head. His face is so beautiful until I ignore and forget that's he's wearing a transperant cloth! O.O

Then, it's follow by Leeteuk and Ryeowook's pictures. You know what make me damn happy? My top 4 bias pictures came out 1st! XD

OH MY GOSSSHHHH!!! DAMN! DAMN! Look at the make-up and hair! Some people dislike it, but I'm fucking LOVE it! Leeteuk looks damn beautiful and gorgeous! This is the best Leeteuk's picture ever! I almost cheat on Donghae because of this! Hahahaha! Kidding! I really love his eyes, his hair... Oh my... What have you done oppa?

Look at Ryeowook's hair... It's RED! OMG!!! And look at the eye-liner... Damn! Why did they have to be so beautiful than me? LMAO! It's so perfect... His face is showing something... Sexy! XD

Yesung and Shindong's pictures revealed on the next day...

ROFL! Yesung, what's that on your head! Who's your stylist? I want to pull his/her head! And... Why only him doesn't get close-up picture? T^T Ok, I'm not going to complain anymore! *pout*

WOW! Shindong looks like an ice prince! Hahaha! This is so cold! Erk.. I mean... Cool! I'm really curious about his hair... And I've a desire to touch it! =.=

Then, it's Kangin and Sungmin's pictures...

Finally! Our Kangin is back! I can't wait to see his 1st comeback after 3 years~! Damn! He looks handsome too! Not beautiful! Hahaha! But, I don't like the thing on his head. Ok! Not going to complain!

Sungmin... I'm speechless... Wait. SFRJOGJFOVGKDSLFKKMASLFJDAOGJGNDGSFDFG!!!! OH MY GEEEEE!!! You're not even my bias but you make me love you! ROFL! It's a good idea to put that wig 'cause you look more beautiful than a girl! This picture make him looks like doing a cross-dressing! It's beautiful!

And today, 2 last teaser pictures are revealed. It's Siwon and Kyuhyun.

Wow! I can't describe it. It's amazing. So handsome.. Sorry, Siwon couldn't be beautiful in my eyes. Hahaha! Siwon, please don't look at me like that! I'm melting! ROFL!

Isn't Kyuhyun is the simple one here? LOL! It's call pure beauty! All his hyungs appear with heavy make-up, weird hair... And tadaa~ The magnae who's so simple! Oh wait! There's something on his face! LOL!

Who's your favourite? Kekekeke... For teaser pictures, my top 3 are... Leeteuk, Donghae and Sungmin. XD

I can't wait to listen to their new songs and watch their new MV! More importantly, I cannot wait to have their 6th album! I'm going to bulk order from Korea with my friends! Yeah! Money~ Money~ Come to me!

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