Friday, 20 July 2012

Sexy Free & Single~ Am I? LOL!

It's almost 3 weeks since Super Junior released their 6th album. Time surely fly really fast! I'm too busy until don't have time to share any update about Super Junior... *sigh* It's already 7 years since their debut... And this year... It's already 4 years since I knew them. I don't know when will I stop liking them. *shake head* It's impossible to forget them. I'm falling in love with them more and more. I don't know how to describe this feeling. It's really different. Every time I listen to their song, I feel calm. I listen to others group but I can't never like them like I like Super Junior. Hihihihi... Super Junior give a different aura. I don't care about a lot of newbie group debut, my heart is only for Super Junior... I think I'll grow up, getting older with them. ^^

Hahaha! Adding this photo 'cause I love it... They're so cute... Can't never believe that most of them are nearly 30 years old. Kekekeke... Oppa look so young and that's weird! :P

Super Junior, I promse I'll continue support you. I'll never stop. You can hold my words. I won't turn back. I'll always follow you from behind and be by your side. Forever... I'll never stop be your ELF... Saranghae...

Heeehe... My Super Junior album collections... I just got my 6th album last Monday. I'm super duper happy! And I already place an order for 6th album version B! Hohoho! SM, you're so bad! Making me so poor! LOL! Oh, by the way... Few weeks ago, I read on paper, saying that Kpop artist album is not sell as good as their popularity. Well... Of course... Sometimes, Malaysian reporter or whoever that write article on newspaper should do some research 1st. Lemme tell you something. Most of Kpop fan at Malaysia know that bulk order an album direct from Korea is 2 times cheaper than buying direct from shop here. =.= 80% albums that show above are directly from Korea. I bulk order with my friend. If you don't believe me... Go to Speedy or whatever CD shops... Super Junior 6th album price is RM119... While... I bulk order direct from Korea... I only paid RM70... =.= I also got free poster... If I buy from shop here, I'm not sure if I get the poster or not.

That's all my entry for today... I wanna sleep! It's almost 3 am and I'm working tomorrow~! Ah! Before I forget... Selamat Menyambut Bulan Ramadhan al-Mubarak... Nak puasa dah oiii!


  1. hi, i'm malaysia too
    saya juga mempunyai pemikiran yang sama dengan awak..lagipun saya dah pernah beli beberapa album dekat kpop shop di Malaysia...sebenarnya beli direct dari korea lagi murah lepas saya melawat blog2 yg jual cd/dvd/merchandise kpop di korea...awak order ni dari mana? sebab banyak kpop shop

    1. hiii... sy slalu order from this websites...