Monday, 10 September 2012

Gangnam & Panda

What’s up with Gangnam and panda? LOL! Such a weird post huh? Well, lately PSY’s Gangnam Style is really famous. I’m quite shock because this song views on Youtube are so… BOOM! Awesome! To think that Gangnam Style just look like an ordinary song but it’s become famous all over the world. My brother who never listen to Kpop, also addicted to this song. ROFL! Since I already into Kpop for 4 years, I don’t know what’s so special about this song. But I’m proud because of this song, people or Kpop haters won’t look down on us again. HOHOHO! Enough with Gangnam Style, I don’t wanna talk a lot about it because I bet people around the world already know about it, so it’s no use for me to talk from A to Z about Gangnam Style. Before that... Here... Oppa Gangnam Style! Ms Panda & Mr Hedgehog. Anybody watch this awesome drama? XD I already addicted to this drama. Haaa… I never addicted to Korean drama like this. Is it because Donghae is the lead actor… or is it because of the story line? I love both! The main reason I watch this drama is because of Donghae. He’s my ultimate bias, of course I’ve to support him. But it’s still weird because it’s not 1st time Donghae acting. He already acted in It’s Okay, Daddy Girl and also Skip Beat. Those 2 dramas, didn’t give me a feeling like Ms Panda & Mr Hedgehog. The story-line is cool too… About cakes… Oh, how I love food! I seriously fall in love with this drama. It’s still on episode 8 but I can’t wait to watch other episode. When this drama come out in a DVD format, I’m definitely going to buy it!

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