Monday, 15 October 2012

Of Donghae & Ticket

What's up? It's been a month since I last update this blog. Well, nothing interesting I could share, besides, I'm very busy with work and often feel really sleepy when I get home. Today is 15th October. Did I forget something? LOL! Of course not... Today is my no 1 Super Junior bias birthday! Hooray!!! I'm so happy because he finally turn to 6 years old! AGAIN! Hahahaaha!!! Since his birthday is going to end in 30 minutes (according Korea time), I wish you a very very happy birthday. You've turn 1 year older again. But oppa, no matter how old are you, I promise that I'll always support you. I want to see you successful in every field. Oppa, please stay healthy and don't overwork. Always give your charming smile. Always be your 5 years old self. Kekekeke... Always be happy with whatever you do especially when you're with Eunhyuk. But I'm kind of mad because he's not in Korea with you right now! My Eunhae's shipper heart can't take it! How I wish that you take a selca wif him at your birthday. Oh, poor my baby fish LOL! It's so out of topic. But nevermind that. :P I'm very proud of you, oppa. You've improve so much especially in acting. You gave a great acting for Ms Panda & Mr Hedgehog. Thank you.
A hot wet fish... Kekekeke... Happy 27th birthday, Lee Donghae. 

 Last week, my favorite drama, Ms Panda & Mr Hedgehog already came to an end. It's really sad 'cause I thought that drama would have more than 20 episodes but sadly, it's only 16 episodes. To tell you the truth, it's the 1st Korean drama that managed to catch my attention until I never miss to watch every episode for every week. Ok, maybe the reason is Donghae. But that wasn't his 1st drama. He already acted in drama before but it don't really catch my attention. I think this drama is the best drama for Donghae at the moment. Because of this drama, I also fell in love with the 2nd hero, Choi Jin-hyuk. LOL! WTF!? At 1st he don't really catch my attention, I saw him just an ordinary actor. But then, I realize that... Damn! He's hot! LMAO! Overall, it's worth to watch this drama. I'll surely grab the DVD when it's come out!
Ms Panda & Mr Hedgehog's last scene... 

 Super Junior M is coming to Malaysia for Asia Super Showcase 2012! What a good news for every M-ELF! XD Although not all Super Junior's members are coming, at least 8 of them are coming! Hahahahaha! I'm super duper happy! I'm going to see Super Junior for the 3rd times! I already bought ticket and already makes plan for this December.
Thanks to Unnie Mulan 'cause bought me the ticket. Yup, it's RM383 ticket! Hohohoho! Although I've seen them twice, but this is the 1st time I bought expensive ticket! When SS2, I only bought 2nd floor ticket which cost me RM238. Last year when I went t MO.A Live at Malaysia, I bought RM183 ticket. Now, I hope I get a chance to see Super Junior really close. I really really really want to see Donghae super duper close. Although I've see him super duper close 2 years ago. Kekekeke... When stalking Super Junior at Grand Millennium Hotel when they came for SS2. What a great memories I have. Hihihihihi... 

 Well, that's all for today. I can't wait to see Super Junior and my friends again. I'll make sure this is going to be another best memory for all of us, especially to my precious. ^^

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