Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Happy Birthday!!!

Happy 27th Birthday to World Anchovy aka Super Junior's Dancing Machine aka Monkey aka EUNHYUK oppa aka LEE HYUKJAE!
Wish you all the best, be happy, alway smile, don't overwork, take care of your health, and happy with everyone you love! especially Donghae XD

And he's celebrating his birthday with Donghae at Paris! ROFL! Actually Shindong also there... :P

4th April 2012 not only celebrating Eunhyuk's birthday but... OPPA OPPA JAPANESE VERSION RELEASE TODAY TOO!!!! Wooohhooo!!!

EunHae are so cool and... look good together! KYYAAA!

Enough with EunHae, now it's time for me!
2 days ago was my 23rd birthday! Hihihihi! On 1st April, I already celebrate with my family at Blue Bayou Seafood and Western 'cause my dad was working on 2nd April. Then, on 2nd April, I feel really touch 'cause my workmates and bos were celebrating my birthday at Nurul Ikan Bakar!

Thanks so much!!!

My birthday cake... So yummy~

And yesterday I got a birthday present from my 'wifey'! I was supposed to receive yesterday but since I didn't answer a call from abg Poslaju, I've to take it by myself at their office today! And I already took it!!!

I've been wondering along the way back what's inside this big box! LOL!

Here's the present inside the box! KKYYYYYAAAAA!!! Thanks so much wifey! This is the best birthday present ever! KamsaHAE!!!!

And this one... I'll take care of it with all my heart... ^^ I'm just 'borrowing' it for a while...

That's all my post for today! Cau~

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